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Our global trend analysis can be purchased as focused online reports on selected trend topics such as fashion color, print, industry trade shows, runway round-ups, accessories, footwear & more.

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  • Essential Athleisure Forecast

    Essential Athleisure Forecast

    Spring/Summer 2017 / Print & Graphics


    Discover the essential Athleisure Print & Graphic directions for the S/S 2017 season in this visually inspiring, early adopter validated forecast.
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  • Essential Colour Forecast.

    Essential Colour Forecast.

    Spring/Summer 2017 / Colour


    Your complete guide to best-selling colour across womenswear for SS17, accompanied by Pantone Fashion+Home cotton & paper references.
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  • Trend of 2016: New Utility

    Trend of 2016: New Utility

    Fall/Winter 2016-17 / Themes


    Trendstop’s Trend of the Year is an annual cultural and creative concept that represents a current consumer mindset.
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  • Essential Material Forecast

    Essential Material Forecast

    Fall/Winter 2016-17 / Material


    The complete guide to essential material directions for the season covering jersey, knits, delicates, woven’s and skins.
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  • F/W 2016-17 Essential Print Forecast

    F/W 2016-17 Essential Print Forecast

    Fall/Winter 2016-17 / Print & Graphics


    Discover the essential print directions for the season in this visually inspiring forecast.
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  • Essential Colour Forecast..

    Essential Colour Forecast..

    Fall/Winter 2016-17 / Colour


    The complete guide to the best-selling colours across womenswear for the season, accompanied by a matched Pantone reference for each shade.
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  • Denim Focus - 3 Month Access

    Denim Focus - 3 Month Access

    Spring/Summer 2016 / Apparel


    Gain access the latest trend analysis across denim themes, key shapes and trade show intelligence for three months.
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