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Our unique validation methodology gives you reliable forecasts which add confidence to commit to trends ahead of the competition. Our exclusive online membership area allows you to access our latest trend analysis, forecast themes, seasonal key items and searchable trend galleries in an easy-to-use format.

Memberships can be tailored to cover womenswear, menswear and/or kidswear, and can be purchased as quarterly, six monthly or annual subscriptions to suit your budget.

Choose from our Insider, Expert or Enhanced membership to gain immediate access to our essential analysis.

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Insider Membership

Learn about the latest developments in retail, at trade shows, on the catwalks and in forward-looking street style. Includes access to our extensive trend galleries.

12 months outlook Current reporting

  • Be proactive with your seasonal range planning

  • Take advantage of confirmed pre-retail insights

  • React quicker to new retail trends

  • Clearly identify next season’s fast fashion best sellers

  • Stay current with relevant product trends from global trade events as they happen

  • Gain a full overview of what’s coming with 100,000s new season product images

  • Take advantage of confirmed close to season intelligence to increase ROI for your business

Expert Membership

Get everything in our Insider Membership plus access to our global trend forecasts across themes, color, print, materials, accessories, kids & beauty.

18 months outlook Trend Forecast

  • Stay ahead of your competitors by being aware of new trends earlier

  • Develop trend aware ranges with complete confidence

  • Translate trend concepts into successful products

  • Boost your trend research time efficency

  • Profit from of an endless supply of exciting new product ideas!

  • Gain a 360° trend approach to product development

  • Increase your profitability by executing trends more effectively

Enhanced Membership

Receive everything in our Insider and Expert Memberships plus gain direct access to our team! Also includes time-saving shortcuts, pdf report saving & downloadable artwork.

36 months outlook Future insights

  • Boost profitability through business specific trend validation

  • Produce more best sellers

  • Improve your trend timing

  • Profit from an enhanced consumer trend understanding

  • Secure the perfect trend execution for your market

  • Gain access to a team of specialist trend experts

  • Increase your ROI through more effective trend execution methods

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