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Why Trendstop?

It’s more important than ever for brands to rethink the way they do business and create meaningful products that resonate with target consumers.

As the leading Fashion & Lifestyle Trend Innovation Agency we help brands identify and apply future trends correctly. We support clients in aligning their values, product ranges and communications with future consumer wants and needs, so that they can engage audiences more meaningfully, and ultimately more profitably.

Our aim is to guide brands to invest their time and resources effectively, so that they can operate in more considered and less wasteful ways by producing the right products at the right time that sell to their ideal customer.

360° Elevation Approach

Empowering our clients to build and grow successful, consumer-centric brands requires a holistic approach. We can work across future consumer insights, brand positioning & values, seasonal product direction, communications and experience; or offer a tailored, pick and mix approach to focus on any specific area.

Designers and product leaders can access the latest trend validations on our online trend platform, while brand, insights, and marketing teams will gain a deeper consumer and market understanding from our Future Consumer Insights content. Our Collaborative Consultancy supports multi-departmental development across brand, product and communications.

Our Methods Get Dramatic Results

We’ve been serving the world’s fashion and lifestyle innovators for the past 18 years, from innovative start-ups and independent premium brands to leading global names. Since the beginning, our aim has been to help clients grow sales and eliminate wasted resources. Our future consumer-centric approach and astute future planning process empowers clients to execute on what will be relevant for their consumer. Our results speak for themselves.

Based in Global Hubs for Trend Innovation

Headquartered in London, a leading hub of fashion trend innovation, and connected through our 148 trend spotters in 27 innovation hot spots, from Seoul and Shanghai to Paris, Berlin, New York and L.A. Our team visits 1,500 stores andevents each month to identify innovators and early adopters across the globe.

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“We are thrilled to work with Trendstop, your page has amazing content and its managed in such a simple and easy way.”


“So often you are focused on searching for what everyone’s already talking about. Trendstop brings you the new items you are not yet aware of.”


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