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Meet the team who can lead your fashion business towards a more profitable, sustainable future.

Our mission: to help you create less but better fashion.


75% of most fashion business’ sales revenue comes from just 25% of their products.* This means you’re wasting a lot of your time, money, and resources on products that don’t sell.

At Trendstop, we want to lead the fashion and lifestyle industry to a more sustainable, profitable future. Since 2002, we’ve been getting you ahead of future consumer demand using our proven trend forecasting methodology and market intelligence. So you can invest only in what you know consumers will want.
This means less waste. Healthier profits. Happier customers.

*From Trendstop Business Insights 2020

Trendstop at a glance

Established in


by Jaana Jätyri, a fashion futurist and sustainability advocate

An expert team of


in our London headquarters, supported by 148 trend spotters in 27 global cities

We’ve helped


fashion and lifestyle brands successfully apply trends to their strategy

Trend forecasting you can trust

Our unique research method focuses on the earliest trend indicators available: the 2.5% of the population known as ‘innovators’. 

We uncover trends just as innovators tap into them, then successfully pick out those that will become profitable, mainstream hits. 

This allows us to get you up to 2+ years ahead of what consumers want. And help you deliver the right product and marketing strategy, at the right time.

Experts on your side

Headquartered in London, the Trendstop team consists of trend forecasters, strategists, creatives, editors, and marketing experts, who specialise in the fashion and lifestyle industries. 

We can become an extension of your team, to elevate your entire brand using our knowledge of tomorrow’s trends.

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360° Brand Elevation

Get holistic support covering consumer, product, and marketing direction from our expert trend consultants.

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Choose a level of access that suits your needs, to start navigating carefully curated trends with ease.

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Join our network of professionals and influencers, for exclusive news, invites, and more.

Get the trend support you need – and save our planet.

Our Green Planet Initiative means that, every time you spend $500 on Trendstop services, we plant 10 trees. Join us in making a difference.

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