Denim Première Vision

Denim Première Vision hosted their Spring/Summer 2019 show at the Paris Event Centre. It ran from the 13th-14th October. The focus was on creating an Eco-responsible future. This is keeping in line with the previous season’s refresh with a focus on consumer lifestyle issues. Many exhibitors looked with a specific focus towards reducing water use in production. They also looked to recycle plastics to create denim materials and products.


Aside from the previously mentioned eco-focus, the show also celebrated new aesthetic trends. You could find these in the central hub of the Trend area. This season the space was reformatted from the previous concept of immersion and digital living. This let it become a clean segmented, two tiered space. Each of the 10 trends had their own designed area to reflect the themes detailed.



The individual trend capsules explored everything. These deranged from materials and shapes, to colour and surfaces. The concept of scannable QR codes were brought back from the previous season. These allowed visitors to download specific information with photographs of the products. Read on for our guide to the trends from Denim PV Spring/Summer 2019.


Liquid and lustrous fabrics add fluidity to garments. with a fibre focus on cupro, Lyocell, Modal and cotton blends. Pale, pearlescent coatings add a soft metallic element. This mirrors the runny textures of fabrics.


Images left to right: Denim Clothing Company, Denim Première Vision, Risetex, courtesy of Trendstop.


The use of natural, stiff plain weaves create garments with many practical details. These include features such as drawstrings and graphic labels. The material focus is on natural hybrids, tech, coated cottons and linens.


Images left to right: Desert Studio, Denim Première Vision, A14 Denim by Akozbekler, courtesy of Trendstop.


The weaves are neat and square. They contain 3D geometric effects and labels with square embossing and prints. Garments take the shape of boxy shaped shirts and jackets.


Images left to right: Kassim Denim, Prosperity Textile, Rajby Industries, courtesy of Trendstop.


Psychedelic, oil slick rainbow colours are blended with contrast tone wefts. These are in pastel and hologram colourations


Images left to right: Rajby Industries, Calik Denim, Chottani Industries, courtesy of Trendstop.


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