TexSelect is a charitable platform which aims to bridge the gap between education and industry. The unique mentorship programme introduces outstanding textile design graduates to buyers, press and sponsors at their London Preview, shortly followed by Premiere Vision Paris. Trendstop attended the preview at Chelsea College of Arts to bring you an exclusive insight into top talent to emerge from the 2018 showcase.

Sam Wilde

Fascination by the subject on conservation, Same Wilde illustrates fantasy worlds in which endangered species thrive. The use of vivid, energetic colourways heighten these hyperreality settings, alongside the use of plush velvet and silk fabrications.


Images courtesy of Trendstop.com, Sam Wilde

Cassie MacDonald

We See Creature Folk tells the tale of folkloric creatures in Cassie MacDonald’s graduate collection. Textural experimentation through collage and lino printing techniques add a naïve touch to this playful collection, bringing her characters to life in both repeat and placement prints.

Images courtesy of Trendstop.com, Cassie MacDonald

Hettie Johns

Sustainability is a hot topic in fabric sourcing, and one which has become the inspiration behind Hettie John’s collection. Translating landscapes of the rural British countryside into innovative hand woven and off-loom designs, the collection promotes the innovative qualities of British wool and sustainable production methods.

Images courtesy of Trendstop.com, Hettie Johns

Matthew Briggs

Juxtaposing wrestling aesthetics against tongue-in-check graphics, Matthew Briggs creates a collection of ultra-wearable knitwear pieces and samples. Strong sportswear contrasts touch upon popular streetwear references for a truly contemporary finish.

Images courtesy of Trendstop.com, Matthew Briggs

Erin McQuarrie

Following her time in Japan, Erin McQuarrie explores her fascination with archival studio research through a marriage of craft and digital techniques. A soft, ethnically-inspired palette harmonises with the considered tactical qualities of the collection.

Images courtesy of Trendstop.com, Erin McQuarrie

Lucy Isley

Raising the awareness of anxiety and other mental health illnesses, Lucy Isley designed a range of textiles which aim to restore a sense of calm through tactile distraction. This sensory exploration combines an optimistic palette with playful surface textures.

Images courtesy of Trendstop.com, Lucy Isley

Banner image courtesy of Trendstop.com, work by Rosa Pearks.