Trendstop bring readers a first look at the key themes inspiring menswear print and graphics direction for Fall Winter 2019-20.

Print and graphics have fast become a vital component of any menswear collection and the Fall Winter 2019-20 season continues to build this key growth area with a variety of bold all-over and placement renderings. Designers look to outer into space and the world of science or look back at the graphic icons of childhood. Reimagining traditional motifs sees new, creative reinventions of menswear wardrobe staples that mix and match contrasting graphic genres. Our curated catwalk trends, print and graphics reports and dedicated image galleries evaluate each trend’s commercial value and longevity, giving you the best possible basis for your decision making.

This week Trendstop present three FW19-20 graphics trends that will be informing the men’s apparel, footwear and accessories sectors. Motifs make a statement in Type Stripes and The Cartoon Artist as retro typography and cartoon animation embolden placement styles. Space-Age Infographics takes a more grown-up approach with striking yet sober monochromatic futuristic and scientific themes.

Type Stripes

Stripe patterns combine with popular typography motifs in a reinvention of a classic graphic look. Bold branding and slogans run horizontally, creating contrast bands across the body or are upended vertically for an optical effect. Oversized type and bold colour combinations infuse knits and sweats with a retro winter sports vibe.

Space-Age Infographics

Menswear graphics look to the future with technology-inspired prints. Scientific infographics and interplanetary photo-real imagery put a high-brow spin on placement motifs with monochrome colour-ways and blockings, enhancing the impact of measurements, charts and numerals.

The Cartoon Artist

Urban streetwear is given a playful makeover for FW19-20 with comic book illustrations and characterful prints. Childhood nostalgia comes through in the vibrant colours and naïve renderings while knitted constructions lend graphics a pixelated appearance, touching on digital-era themes.