Trendstop gives blog readers an insider’s guide to the key innovations from the Spring/Summer edition of Denim by Premiere Vision.

Trendstop’s denim experts bring blog readers a first look inside specialist denim showcase, Denim by PV. Dedicated to promoting sustainability within the industry, Denim by PV’s migratory event arrived at London’s Printworks with a program representing the values of creativity, innovation and eco-responsibility. Advances such as resource-saving augmented reality projects offered smarter, more sustainable ways to visualise fabric and product prototypes via 3D simulations without having to produce samples. A special project titled ‘Habitat 21,’ aimed to highlight the exhibitors applying best practice methods to their businesses, showcasing all aspects of their processes from fibres and finishings, to resource management and ethical consciousness. Our comprehensive material show overviews and galleries bring you the looks essential to your next denim collections, evaluating each trend’s commercial value and longevity to give you the best possible basis for your decision making.

This week, blog readers get an exclusive look at three trend developments direct from Denim by Premiere Vision that will be impacting the SS21 season and beyond. Patterns and surface textures bring nature-inspired newness to denim in Surface Irregularities and Raw Earth Denim. Laser Distressing illustrates the latest finishing techniques for an eco take on fashion-forward looks.

Raw Earth Denim

In reducing industry reliance on chemical finishing processes, clay-based systems use 80% less water, less energy and fewer chemicals in comparison with conventional exhaust dyeing techniques. Dye sources from nature include clay coatings that expand the traditional denim palette with a spectrum of raw earth tones and rich colour finishes.

Images courtesy of Trendstop, left to right: Maritas, Orta Anadolu, Maritas, all Spring Summer 2020.

Surface Irregularities

Creased, puckered and wrinkled surface effects bring a new dimension to denim in a celebration of the yarn irregularities associated with natural fibres. Irregular weaving techniques and dry parched handles introduce textural interest as manufacturers focus on producing new and elevated denim handles.

Images courtesy of Trendstop, left to right: Berto, Prosperity Textile, Berto all Spring Summer 2020.

Laser Distressing

Worn-in finishes eschew standard bleaching and dyeing techniques in favour of resource-saving laser treatments that create placement distressing, shading and faded looks by burning the wash into the fabric. Surface effects look to nature with light-coloured lichen-like blooms, mineral flecks and eggshell speckles lasered into dark denims.

Images courtesy of Trendstop, left to right: Soorty, Cone Denim, Soorty, all Spring Summer 2020.