The significance of colour in the design process cannot be understated—approximately 88% of people will dismiss a style if the colour isn’t to their liking, according to Kissmetrics.

There’s bountiful evidence that colour drives consumer decisions, and should be considered during the earliest stages of design.


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As consumers become more invested in conscious consumption and sustainability, Soft Jade has emerged as a colour to watch. Our experts have been tracking this colour since its debut on the catwalk during the Spring/Summer 2020 season to its wider application in other areas of design.

Using our in-depth validation and curation process, our team has analyzed how best to integrate the shade to fit various needs. Trendstop’s unique validation model follows the colour cycle from the innovator phase to its placement in physical retail spaces, while the curation process determines how best to apply it for optimum results.


A natural progression from Sage Gray and Ash Coral, which were prominently featured during the Fall 2020 season and revealed a changing consumer mindset that was focused on versatility and functionality, this pivot from grey hues to an earthier tone indicates that people are starting to embrace more colour post-lockdown. The pale and neutral appearance of Soft Jade reflects an increased interest in the environment—sustainability initiatives are no longer a hobby as much as a real pressing issue—and, subsequently, a taste for natural-looking and non-chemically dyed colours.


Its earthy appearance renders Soft Jade a versatile hue that can be applied to a number of products, from complete outfits to leather accessories and decorative home goods and an attractive option for various consumer needs. Early uses of the colour saw the benefit of subtly incorporating it into full looks, since its adaptability enables it to be paired with bolder colour options as well as natural tones, further highlighting its functionality and universality.


These factors are crucial to understanding the commercial potential of Soft Jade. The combination of an earthy colour palette with a cutting-edge clothing design, enhanced by rich textures and relaxed silhouettes like those seen in active and loungewear, is a winning solution for making the most out of this colour.



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