A collective demand for environmentally conscious manufacturing alongside a broader consumer shift towards genderless dressing will determine the use of denim in coming seasons.

Our SS22 Deadstock Denim forecast sees a call for brands to creatively repurpose materials otherwise destined for the landfill, remaking discarded denim garments and fabric offcuts into fresh jeanswear product.

Particularly appealing to Gen Z consumers, as a generation primed for circular fashion. Having embraced second-hand, vintage, and upcycled garments, these young consumers are keen to partake in a creative ecosystem that supports their social and environmental values.

The repurposing of denim can be applied across all product from jeans and shirting to jackets and accessories. Product translations will consciously highlight imperfections and inconsistencies – the aim is not to disguise old as new, but to celebrate old in its ability to be renewed.

A strong focus on patchwork communicates the ad hoc nature of using offcuts, setting cool gradiated blues alongside deep indigo washes with a charming, pieced-together quality.

But in the new normal market, this trend is not just about the pieced together look. It’s more holistic. The conscious consumer only wants this look if it’s genuinely made of reused materials, rather than a replication with virgin materials. The new normal consumer wants the deeper meaning behind the look.

Silhouettes will be relaxed in slightly wider cuts, somewhat utilitarian and gender neutral, reflecting the Gen Z preference for shopping outside of traditional categories.

For new denim product, consumer focus will be on fresh colour trends. Our SS22 Solid Colour Denim forecast focuses too on the utilitarian roots of denim through uniformly applied shades and flat washes that leave no white threads visible on the weft. A chalky palette of Eccru, pink, chocolate brown and light blue can be used across categories.

Silhouettes echo what we see in Deadstock Denim – heavy and medium weight denim with a more structured handle create starchy silhouettes that sit away from the body, appealing to a consumer looking for more comfortable and less restrictive denim solutions.

This article was first published in WeAr magazine

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