Inspiration comes from the world around us. But fashion is often the first to reflect a change in mindset.

And as we slowly emerge from the darkest period of the pandemic to (hopefully) the end in sight – fashion is showing us the light.

This can be seen in the experimental proportions, expressive colours, and nostalgic child-like patterns that are emerging.

Nostalgia Redefined

Fashion often sees a return to the past when the future seems uncertain. In this case, our Theme, Refined Expressive Vintage sees a return to childhood nostalgia – through colour, texture and pattern – offering a much-needed sense of security.

And although the forecast is a look to the past, it is made thoroughly modern and upbeat through new, innovative materials, unique detailing, and playful silhouettes.

As always, Trendstop’s Themes translate into product through specific key items found on our membership platform. Our latest trend insight, Seasonal Apparel Key Items, explores this through breaking down how to range build through key apparel items in our library.

Themes on Trendstop are invaluable as they inform the overarching concept of the season. Informed by fashion innovator and early adopter mindsets, utilising Themes in your design process helps to ensure your collections speak to the consumer attitudes of tomorrow.

Learn more in our Intro to Themes video below.

Refined Expressive Vintage is just one of the Seasonal Consumer & Product Directions we publish. If you’d like to upgrade your trend experience, discover more reliable forecasts, and receive expert support on how to build your next collection, explore our memberships and book a site tour today.