Though separation may have occurred in the physical world, designers and makers are seeking to reconnect us with our global community through collaborative endeavors and the promotion of a more inclusive culture.

Echoing consumer’s renewed sense of community and desire to look beyond their own borders, Integrated Globalism appeals to that positive, outward looking mindset.

Theme Direction

Integrated Globalism fosters a deeper more authentic connection with global communities with an expressive confidence that celebrates cultural heritage and artisanal beauty.

A focus on natural environments speaks to a sustainable approach that benefits both people and the planet.

Print Direction

World heritage-inspired prints are updated for a contemporary audience with monochrome colourways, softened geo patterns and bold, statement stripes placed in unexpected formations.

Florals and botanicals with an eastern influence give a nod to the vintage revival with tropical blooms come rendered in traditional printing techniques.

Apparel Direction

The core seasonal theme of comfort is addressed in cosy apparel inspired by global dress codes. Silhouettes are oversized, in super-soft, contrasting natural fabrications that create a layered look.

As the integration of fashion and sportswear continues, active shapes are reworked to incorporate world culture-themed decorative details and surface prints.