After months of lockdown, shopping habits have changed.

This break in consumer behavior has shed new light on how we consume fashion. Sustainability in “the new normal” is critical as we reach out for slower fashion with more meaning.

Theme: Artisanal Nomad

Artisanal Nomad sees a reappreciation for hand-crafted techniques. Makers and craftsmen are celebrated, with items having unique trims and textural qualities.

By working with local communities, deeper connections are forged between designer, maker and consumer. Products take on a more profound value and meaning – a key purchase driver for the 2020s consumer.

Apparel pieces see simple shapes and fluid cuts. Elevated qualities come rendered in finishes like fringed hems and basket weaves.

A colour palette of sandy neutrals connotes an “of the earth” quality. Key apparel items such as The Refined Global Blouse Tunic and The Global Artisan Tee see artisanal detailing elevated with silhouettes that feel considered and refined.

Knitwear & Materials: Eco-Inspired

Artisanal Nomad extends to materials with textures that reflect an imperfect feeling. The trend informs earthy, rustic, lightweight yarns on sustainably sourced, authentic materials. Natural textile qualities are highlighted in cotton, canvas and linen.

Original Artisan Knits see techniques like crochet and embroidery bring a sense of domesticity to classic styles. Undone tassels along with fringed and raw edges add a hippy aesthetic, as if deliberately unfinished.

Print & Graphics: Nature Aesthete

Our consumer concept, The Nature Aesthete, informs one of our key print stories: Eco Botanicals. A vision that sees sustainability immersed into everything: from fashion and art to architecture and design.

Inspired by the beauty of nature, exquisite found objects become art forms that evoke both delicacy and strength. Inspiration is found in the delicate compositions of dried flowers and foliage.

Colour: Optimism & Longevity

Color palettes for S/S 22 reflect a shift in mindset towards optimism with longevity at their core.

Consumers favor eco-focused, muted shades over bright, vibrant colors that require more chemicals to produce.

One of our key shades, Cautiously Optimistic Yellow, is a consumer-focused color. Easy to wear, it has a gentle, neutral tonality.

Finally, Hotel Chocolat is a earthy brown that redefines the spring-summer palette. This rich brown is achieved using less harmful dyes than typical darker shades.

This article was first published in WeAr Magazine

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