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Our Predictive Color Compass empowers forward-thinking brands and designers to select the optimal colors for every season. By harnessing trend tracking, data analysis, and color forecasting, we transform insight into action for your product designs.

Elevate Your Demand with Our Predictive Color Compass

Nearly 90% of consumers will forego purchasing a product based on color. After a meticulous design, material selection, and production process, your color selection is the make-or-break between profits and plateaus.

By leveraging our Predictive Color Compass, you can:


Select vetted colors that are optimized for conversions


Receive stunning color combinations and pairings


Explore seasonal fashion colors, neutrals, accents, and even leather colors


Learn from specific use cases for various colors


Understand exactly how commercially viable each color selection is


And more

Stay ahead of the color curve

By knowing the commercial potential of specific colors, you can appeal to your unique audience with precision. Through our Predictive Color Compass, we put over 20 years of trend forecasting experience and two years of shade-specific tracking in your toolbox. As a result, you’ll understand where colors are in their lifecycle, from Innovator to Late Mainstream and everything in between.

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How Our Predictive Color Compass Works

Keep your products in demand and off the sales rack. Here’s what you can expect:


Select your season

Choose your upcoming season or bundle two seasons for additional savings.


Discover new shades

Browse through up to 30 validated shades with usage examples from aspirational brands.


Accelerate your sales

Apply our color research to your designs for increased audience appeal and conversions.

Seasonal Best-Sellers Start Here

The right colors can send your product exposure and sales surging. At the same time, color selections are notoriously challenging. In turn, one wrong decision could make your products look cheap, unappealing, or outdated.

Our Predictive Color Compass takes the guesswork out of your color selections, enabling you to dominate the market with confidence.

Our shades work harmoniously together and include usage examples, Pantone references, time-saving search filters, and more.

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After spending weeks on the concept, design, and material selection phases, don’t let your sales fall short because of a lackluster color choice.

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