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What our current members say

“It’s really nice to be a part of the Trend Community and gain insights. It keeps influencing me […] to develop and improve different aspects of my work. You totally inspire me!”

Ada Deferrari

California, USA

“I have strong admiration for the work of Trendstop and Jaana [its founder]. The community has offered me, as well as the opportunity to amplify my global network, the chance to meet other professionals. I consider the weekly live sessions very inspiring.”

Carmen Marie Pankofer Jaudy

Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Trend Community FAQs

Who can I expect to meet in the Trend Community?

As well as our own expert team, expect a mix of fashion brand owners, creatives, marketers, suppliers, bloggers, and designers from around the world.

When are the Weekly Live Trend Events?

Our sessions are usually held on Zoom every Friday at 4:30 pm (GMT) for around 45 mins. But we always provide a recoding/summary. So, even if you’re busy one week, you’ll never miss a thing.

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You can trial Trend Community membership for 14 days for free. If during this time you decide it’s not for you, simply cancel your membership and your card will not be charged.

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