Collaborative Consultancy

Work with our trend application experts to optimise your opportunities

Joining hands with your team

Often one size doesn’t fit all, and trends require adaptation to get the perfect look and feel for a specific target audience.

Our Collaborative Consultancy is focused on your end consumer’s future needs, to help ensure you will be offering the right products your customer actually wants to buy.

Uncover Key Opportunities

Our senior trend experts work closely with you on your brand to identify the key market and product opportunities for you to profit from.

Whether it’s understanding your audience or getting specific direction for seasonal product categories, we have a flexible method to suit your business needs.

Reduce your Workload

We have a unique way of working in bite sized modules which allows you to scale your project up or down as you need.

We can collaborate on colour, print & graphics and various apparel, accessory & footwear categories.


Contact us to discuss how we could help make your project a success.