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Without Trial and Error

Trend Experts on Your Side

Spending time, money, and resources on unprofitable and unsellable products can devastate a brand’s bottom line. Today’s consumers are more informed and have more choice than ever, so it’s imperative to hit the mark with a focused strategy and considered collections.

We help brands remove the guesswork, and shortcut to the right decisions for their target audience.

We remove the trial and error from deciphering the consumer landscape, by validating future consumer mindsets and best-selling products in advance. We haven’t done our job until our clients report notable sales growth through brand or product elevation – and we have the reputation and results to prove it.

We can help you…

1. Focus Your Resources

Save time, money, and talent by investing in products your consumers will buy.

2. Succeed Across Departments

Overcome internal obstacles, align team objectives and streamline processes with our holistic support across product, branding, marketing and consumer insights.

3. Deliver Profit Growth

Tap into the most profitable opportunities for your business to gain effective transformation, fast results and lasting success.

Focused on Getting Effective Results

We’re helping major brands and retailers achieve impressive results.

Our 360° Elevation Approach

We help elevate holistically across each touch point in your business to create a strong brand expression across channels.


Insights & Foresights


Values & Opportunities


Seasonal Direction


Communication & Experience

How It Works

Our Collaborative Consultancy focuses on identifying the most profitable consumer and trend opportunities for your business and creating tailored solutions to capitalise on them. We approach brands and projects individually, depending on size, resources, and goals.

The Brand Elevation Program

For Independent Brands

Independent fashion labels have their own set of challenges, typically operating on tight budgets and competing to stand out in a crowded market. Our global trend, brand and marketing experts will collaborate with you to provide strategic support, to elevate your collection and brand image, and to fast-track your sales and engagement growth.

Tailoring to Your Needs

Our Brand Elevation Program offers a tailored service for SME brands, advising on brand positioning, product development, sales & marketing strategy better aligned to the intended target audience.

We have worked with a host of SME fashion & lifestyle brands on a number of successful projects, including:
  • Brand identity & storytelling
  • Seasonal product direction & range building
  • Social media & marketing strategy
  • Sales growth

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Holistic Consultancy

For Global Brands

Over the past two decades we have been supporting global fashion and lifestyle brands with our holistic consultancy. Our ongoing collaborative approach is tailored to your seasonal goals and your pace of working to ensure optimum results.

Proven Success

Our success is founded on a deep understanding of future consumer and market trends, and the ability to effectively transform them into highly profitable collections and engaging communications to a specific target audience. We work with you collaboratively to translate insights into exciting products and communications that are also realistic to deliver within your business framework. Our methods get effective and consistent results.

We have worked with global brands on a number of successful projects, including:
  • Brand identity elevation, pricing & positioning, re-brand
  • Brand expansion to effectively target Millennial and Gen Z consumers
  • Seasonal collection direction to grow sales to a specific audience
  • Influencer and social engagement planning
  • Consumer-driven holistic product & marketing planning and execution
  • Digital sales strategy: wholesale and direct-to-consumer

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