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The definition of trend is simply where the market is heading and what consumers want. We identify this for the future.

We help cut through the noise your end-consumer needs and wants understanding in a concise, articulate and easily actionable way.

Unlock Your Brand’s Full Potential

Understanding what consumers want now and in the future is vital for business success. Our ground breaking methodology identifies the future of consumer behaviour, covetable products and engaging communications. We help you unlock future insights tailored to your business, ensuring you stay one step ahead of the competition.

Our innovation-led formula gets results, consistently. It incorporates a keen consumer awareness and industry-leading predictive analysis, with expertise at both a global and local level, making sure your business is given the competitive edge and stays relevant on the rapidly-evolving global stage.

Leading with Innovator Insights

Studying innovation and innovators is the starting point of our unique approach. Our comprehensive, cutting-edge insights are able to inform both brand creative and strategic business decisions to deliver holistic multi-departmental solutions.

Our innovative methodology does not take the typical consumer insights route and we don’t rely on mundane statistics, mainstream focus groups or personal opinion, which often result in dated misinformation or lack of effective practical execution. Our innovator insights are forward-thinking and projected to the future with the consumer mindset and deeper emotive motivations as their focus.

Fast, Effective Results

At Trendstop we are able to provide our clients with a deeper and more accurate understanding of future consumer behaviour. We anticipate real trends earlier than other sources, and track the evolution and consumer mindset throughout a trend’s cycle.

We adapt these to your business, market and target consumer, so that you get directly actionable information you can put into practice immediately. You receive a seamless package of information from insights, to products to marketing and customer experience, that can be applied holistically and consistently across departments.

Your Future Strategy Session

We select two companies each month for a unique complimentary breakthrough strategy session for a chance to plan your future consumer strategy and learn more about how our methodology could help in your current situation.

Future Consumer Habits White Paper

Delve into the mindset and behaviour of the post-pandemic consumer in our thought-provoking Future Consumer Shopping Habits white paper.
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