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Bootstrap our team of experts to your team to accelerate to an elevated consumer, brand, product or marketing approach. Our targeted solutions are informed by global trends and tailored to your business.

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Below is an idea of the kinds of questions we can answer to help you meet your unique business challenges and goals quickly.



How is consumer behavior changing in the 2020’s?

Who is our true customer?

How can we target younger or more style aware consumers?



How to update or elevate our brand positioning?

How to capitalize on consumer and market opportunities?

How to innovate ahead of the competition?



What are the product features our consumer wants to see next?

How to elevate our range, balancing innovation & commerciality?

What are the key colors, materials, silhouettes and details to maximize sales?



How to use storytelling effectively to create buzz?

How to identify the right influencers and collaborators?

How to use marketing to grow ecommerce or social sales?

Get custom research directly for your brand

  • Collaborate with our trend experts to get the specific global consumer and trend research you need
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  • Commission a topic of your choice for us to research for you
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Trendstop can support with:

• Clarifying your target consumer • Aligning your brand strategy to what your target audience will want • Confirming a consumer relevant colour strategy • Creating engaging sustainability initiatives • Focusing your collection on the most consumer relevant options • Pinpointing the most engaging marketing direction for the coming season

What our clients say

Trendstop are a team of excellence and masters in implementing relevant trends.

Today we have an urban collection that is modern and inspiring, totally aligned with brand values, and guided by the principles of sustainability and conscious management.”

M.S. Pimentel, Brand Director, Sonae Group

Results that speak for themselves

Below are some of the success rates we have been able to achieve for brands and retailers whose offer was not optimized for their target audience’s future expectations.

Fast Fashion Retailers


YOY Growth

Global Brands


Product Line Sales Growth

Independent Labels


Annual Sales Increase

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