Essential Athleisure Forecast

Print & Pattern: Spring/Summer 2017

The Must-have Prints & Graphics for your Athleisure or Sports Collection 

Bringing the worlds of style and sports together, athleisure is one of the biggest trends influencing the fashion industry. Merging sport, urban and fashion cultures in a way that is stronger than its individual parts, athleisure is more than a trend: it is a whole lifestyle and attitude.


Getting the print or pattern right is critical to the success of your athleisure or sports inspired collection - if your prints are out of date, you may be missing out on up to 75% of print item sales you would be getting with the right prints or graphics. 

This clear, concise and confirmed print & graphic analysis is specifically formulated for the athleisure, yoga, fashionable leisure, sports inspired and athletic markets.  

See your sales increase by including the right prints & graphics in your athleisure or sports collection!

Save time and effort by identifying the correct print directions instantly with the help of this report!

Capture your target audience with the right active print looks and help ensure the commercial success of your athleisure or sports inspired collection!



Our experts have identified 10 must-have print & graphic directions so you can plan your collections with confidence. These forecasts have been validated against early consumer analysis to allow you to plan your collections with confidence. Our expertly curated mix of all-over prints, placements and co-ordinates will help guide your print story and collection building. 

Each of the must have looks is presented as beautifully curated, concise trend presentation, which is both visually stunning and offers in-depth coverage of each forecasted look from multiple angles.

Choosing between ten different key stories gives you plenty of choice for validated statement prints and graphics for your collection, without leaving you overwhelmed.



Your athleisure print directions will include 8 downloadable, editable, royalty-free Adobe Illustrator prints to turn the seasonal directions into your own print artworks.

The report also includes 12 print suggestions based on the forecasts and available to purchase as exclusive prints from our print studio. 



Your forecast report comes in an interactive format accessible on Trendstop website, including image galleries referencing forward brands, artists and visionary designers who have introduced early examples of each of the key print looks.

Your interactive forecast report comes with a video presentation where Trendstop’s Senior Activewear Specialist will guide you through an expertly curated mix of all-over prints, placements and co-ordinates to inform your print story direction and collection building.  



Our consultancy sessions are an invaluable resource for our clients and for a limited time, 30 minutes of live consultancy is available to you absolutely free when you purchase this report. Take advantage of this special bonus offer worth $500 and enjoy personalised support in your athleisure collection development from the Trendstop expert athleisure team!




A complete guide to best-selling prints & graphics for the season, identifying the most appropriate trends for your customer with our expert indications.


Discover how innovators and early adopters are applying the newest athleisure prints & graphics directions - seen for the first time!


Discover exciting new brands and product ideas throughout this inspiration-packed forecast!


Learn how to apply key print & graphic concepts & gain an edge over the competition in the extremely competitive athleisure market






Be inspired by our breathtaking image curation, inspirational mood images and highly desirable product shots & create your own trend artwork! Download editable royalty-free Adobe Illustrator vector artwork to create your own prints!




The S/S 2017 must-have athleisure prints presented in this report are validated against early consumer buying preferences using highly scientific consumer analytics cross-referencing online search, social media, purchasing behavior and early adopter analysis. As a result, our forecasts are reliable season after season. 



Feedback from a client who purchased this forecast with the bonus consultancy session:

‘Thank you so much for your time and kindness in giving us your feedback about our collection and ways to elevate our style. It was extremely valuable and we are taking your feedback as we move forward for S/S17 in shifting our visuals, our style, and our presentation.’

Co-Founder and CEO of Temple Flower Athleisure and Activewear Apparel


Take advantage of the most intelligent athleisure forecast in the industry. Buy your S/S 2017 athleisure print & graphic direction today! 



This report is available on the website under the Expert membership. By purchasing this report, you will gain access to the analysis live on the site.


+ 10 commercially relevant thematic print & graphics directions specifically for the athleisure and activewear markets

+ Athleisure & sports market specific identification across all-overs, key graphics and co-ordinates.

+ Packed with exciting new product ideas

+ Full of inspirational imagery & brand references

+ Key trend take-aways to sum up the season

+ Save & print individual images and bookmark pages to return to

+ Interactive forecast including a video presentation and expert commentary from Trendstop’s Senior Activewear Team


Improve your sell-through with the must-have print directions for your athleisure collection!


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