Get steps ahead of footwear trends 

Discover how we can help you act on future trends and consumer insights. So you can deliver footwear that will excite and sell.

Avoid guesswork and costly mistakes

We can get you up to 2+ years ahead of relevant footwear trends – from key colours and materials to must-have boot, shoe, and active styles.

So you can stop wasting time, money, and our planet’s resources on what doesn’t sell. And only design footwear your target consumer will want to buy.

Design bestselling footwear with ease

We don’t just tell you what’s new and next in footwear. We make it easy to act on trend insights, using our online Trend Platform.

In just a click, get inspired by close-up shots and analysis of early trend application across the globe – from the catwalk, street, and retail scene. Save and share these images in Interactive Mood Boards, to design with speed and confidence.

Get tailored support every step of the way

Our team of trend forecasters, creatives, and marketers can support you with every step of footwear production, from concept to launch.

And we can deliver our expertise however suits your needs and budget – whether that’s through consultancy, live workshops, or Trend Platform membership. Book your free initial strategy session to see what’s possible.

What our clients say about working with us

“Our company has quadrupled sales […] thanks to Trendstop. I just follow Trendstop and keep applying it. My boss couldn’t be happier.”

Dominic T

“Today we have an urban brand collection that is modern and inspiring […]. It has been great pleasure to work with Trendstop, a team of excellence with great knowledge of the fashion industry and mastery in how to implement relevant trends.”

Monica Pimentel

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