How to create a colour palette that sells


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Tues February 15| 14:00 – 15:00 (GMT)








88% of consumers dismiss a product if it’s the wrong colour. Don’t leave your designs to chance.

In this session, you’ll quickly learn the importance of colour when designing fashion and lifestyle products. Learn how to pick the right colours for your target consumer and avoid fake colour trends. So you can confidently deliver products that sell out.

What you’ll gain


Insight into the importance of colour.

Learn how:

  • Your colour choices really impact product sales
  • To track colour trends using the Trend Adoption Curve
  • Colour trends have been applied by other brands

An ability to spot fake colour trends (a.k.a. the secret sales killer).

Through a live analysis of the 2021 Pantone Colour of the Year, you’ll learn:

  • Why some colour trend sources are less reliable than others
  • How to tell profitable colour trends apart from short-lived fads
  • The secret behind our proven trend validation method

Practical ideas for planning your next colour palette.

During a live demo on our members-only trend platform, learn how to:

  • Quickly create colour palettes for different target audiences
  • Pick complementary fashion, neutral, and accent colours
  • Find inspiration from close-up shots of early colour trend application

Who should attend

Anyone in the fashion and lifestyle industries who is involved in colour decisions for product designs.

This session is particularly beneficial for:

  • Designers
  • Buyers
  • Product strategists
  • SMEs and brand owners

About the presenter

Your session will be hosted by Jaana Jatyri, Trendstop founder and world-leading fashion futurist, along with our team of Senior Trend Experts.

At Trendstop, we go beyond simply spotting what’s trending. We anticipate meaningful innovations and show you the best ways to apply them. Since 2002, we’ve helped over 1,000 brands, including Zara, H&M, Facebook, and Adidas.


“I absolutely loved the Trendstop session on color! I felt it was super relevant for application on the collections I’m currently designing, and also the power of color and how it can make or break a collection.” – ADF

“Thank you Trendstop for a very insightful and refreshing presentation.” – DM

“One of my go-to resources for colour got completely busted. That was truly eye opening.” – JF

“Thank you very much for all amazing content!” – CP

“Just because Pantone announces a colour of the year – it doesn’t mean it will be profitable. I think that was my biggest takeaway.” – AK

“Thanks to the team for a great session, very insightful!” – JN