Are you an influencer spotter?

Get paid to scout rising stars, micro influencers, and trend setters on social media

Help us find the social media stars of today – and tomorrow.


Maybe you’re linked to fresh fashion and lifestyle Instagrammers. Or perhaps your TikTok feed is home to innovative new beauty content creators.
If you can identify current (and future) talent from any of your favourite platforms, you can earn as an Influencer Spotter.

Get paid every time influencers you spot collaborate with our client brands.


Invite those you spot to SoSpoilt, our partner platform where we’re building our diverse influencer community.

For a whole year, get 5% of whatever they earn from paid collabs with the major brands in our network.

Brands we work with


Our brand clients know the value of the right influencers for collaborations. So, there’s no limit on how much you – or all the influencers you spot – could earn.

How it works


If you can identify and connect us with fresh influencers, we want you.


Invite influencers from any sector, and any platform, to join our community on SoSpoilt.


Get 5% of everything influencers you refer earn with us from brand collabs for 12 months.

Apply Now

Tell us why you’d make a great Influencer Spotter. Let us know your social media handles and what kind of influencers you think you could bring us.


    What kind of influencers are you looking for?

    Current and future influencers (or micro influencers) who create original, engaging, and relevant content. We’re particularly interested in those that would click with our fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and sustainability brand clients.

    Do the influencers I spot need a minimum number of followers?

    No. Rather than follower count, our brand clients care more about:

    • the relationship influencers have built with their online audience.
    • the quality of the social media content they create.
    How much could I earn?

    There’s no limit on how many influencers you can refer, or how much they could make from paid collaborations with brands. So, there’s no limit on how much you could earn.