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Deliver what will sell

Cut guesswork, research time, and costly mistakes. With this membership, quickly get ahead of what mainstream consumers will think, want, and buy up to 18 months from now.

Mainstream Membership helps you…


Plan and deliver fashion products with lasting mass appeal


Successfully target tomorrow’s mainstream, rather than fashion forward consumers


Confidently invest in large volumes of stock, knowing you've chosen colors and styles that will sell

Identify what consumers want and minimize risk

Only 20% of stock accounts for 80% of sales revenue in most fashion business.

In other words, a lot of time, money, and resources get wasted on products that don’t sell – or end up on the sales rack.

Our Mainstream Membership gets you ahead of the trends that will inspire and resonate most deeply with tomorrow’s mainstream consumer. So you can cut the waste. And only invest in products with lasting mass appeal and profitability.

Seasonal Themes

Color Forecasts





Print & Graphics

Runways & Street Style

Retail Validation

Tap into key trends before your competitors

Avoid ‘fake trends’ and passing fads. Get up to 18+ months ahead of the trends that resonate most deeply with your consumer’s long-term needs and values.

So you can act before your competitors to innovate products with lasting demand and profitability.

Navigate curated trend forecasts by season, product category, and more:

Stay confident and minimize risk

Track how all the trends we forecasted evolve over time across innovator, early adopter, and early mainstream retail, with real-time trend validation and market analysis.

So you can confirm (or adapt) your volume purchase and product design decisions, and minimize risk.

Plan future bestsellers with confidence

Discover all you need to validate and develop ideas for less wasteful products, with wide mainstream appeal.

Mainstream Consumer Insight

Understand how shifts in consumer thinking and values will drive mainstream product trends.

Seasonal Trend Direction

Identify key color, print, material, and key item directions across apparel, accessories, or footwear.

Trend Tracking & Validation

Track how the trends we forecasted start to evolve across the early retail scene. So you can confirm or further develop your strategy.

Don’t leave any detail to chance

With our clear and visual product trend direction, quickly see how to optimize every aspect of your range for next year’s mainstream demand.



Pinpoint next season’s top-selling shades, with Pantone® color referencing.


Prints & Materials

Source prints and materials, without the need to travel, thanks to tools like ‘Digital Touch’ boards.  


Key Items

Identify tomorrow’s bestselling silhouettes and design features across women’s and men’s product categories.

Know what’s shaping the market now and next

Know what and who is worth watching, from new global brands and designers to sustainable suppliers.


Aspirational Retail Galleries

Compare products from the world’s most innovative brands all in one place.


Catwalk & Street Style Coverage

Search 30k+ close-up shots of emerging trends by product, color, and more.


Sustainable Sourcing

Find innovative eco materials and suppliers in our Material Sourcing Gallery.

Save and share informed product ideas with ease

Our platform lets you save key styles and validations in a click. So you can quickly and efficiently communicate new and relevant product ideas to your team, buyers, or suppliers.

Get help from our trend experts

We don’t just tell you what’s coming. We provide you with expert support. So you can apply next season’s trends in the most profitable ways.


1:1 Kickoff Meeting

Let us show how start making the most of your membership.


On-Demand Masterclasses

Get practical advice and trend application video demos every month.


Live Trend Events & Webinars

Join us for interactive trend presentations and Q&As every fortnight.

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What our Mainstream members say

“Our company has quadrupled sales thanks to Trendstop. I just follow Trendstop and keep applying it. My boss couldn’t be happier.”

Alife & Kickin

Head of Design

“Trendstop is one of the most important assets to me as a designer. By having key trends readily available for inspiration, my team and I create cohesive and versatile garments for our customers.”

Gtig Esen

Head Designer

“I’ve been working with Trendstop for a few months and it has been amazing. I have learned so much about so many things, from colors to product naming. It has really improved my business.

Shashi Socks


What’s the investment?

Mainstream membership starts at $3,000.

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