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Validated Pantone® shades

Our colour forecasts are validated by predictive influencer and early adopter analysis to pinpoint the exact shades the consumer will actually want to buy in 12, 18 or even 24 months time.

Our customers tell us how our specific Pantone® shades lead to best-selling products consistently each season.

Learn below how to get your colours right each season and leave the hit and miss approach to colour behind for good.

Why Trendstop elevates your trend thinking


Elevate your trend thinking using beautifully curated content bursting with fresh ideas


The Trendstop Method validation brings you what the consumer actually wants to buy


Fast and effective way to find the trends that matter through focused forecasts and easy-to-use galleries

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Get access to global colour trends that matter. 

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Get the right seasonal trend direction for your brand.

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