Future Consumer Mindset™

Know your consumer inside out

Introducing… Future consumer mindset™

Anticipating what your consumer will be demanding in the future is the key to future-proofing your business. Our Future Consumer Mindset™ presentations take you on a journey of future sound, style, travel, food, technology, media and cultural change.

Get a holistic look at multiple angles of how consumer culture and lifestyle are shaping. Understand the key factors influencing consumer groups and their impact on lifestyles and buying decisions.

Why Trendstop elevates your trend thinking

Elevate your trend thinking using beautifully curated content bursting with fresh ideas

The Trendstop Method validation brings you what the consumer actually wants to buy

Fast and effective way to find the trends that matter through focused forecasts and easy-to-use galleries

In Future Consumer Mindset™ you’ll get…

Preview Content

Get a preview and be inspired 

Live Presentation

 Join our senior trend directors in a collaborative creative session for your team to embrace new creative and inspirational forward consumer mindsets.

Your Custom Project

Commission a personalised project on your topics of interest to align your brand and consumer thinking to the relevant future mindsets.

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