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Within our dedicated footwear module you will find all the relevant information on footwear trends ranging from innovative engineering to the latest in forms in fashion.

Our research and analysis aims to satisfy the practical and inspirational needs of footwear designers, buyers and retailers. We provide specialist knowledge of shoe anatomy and cover trend insights and emerging concepts to support you seasonally.

Every aspect of footwear design is covered within the Trendstop module, whether you’re seeking information on material and leather innovation, looking for new silhouettes, the latest in colour or trims and hardwear detailing we’ve got it all and easily accessible for you to explore.

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Get instant access to the Trendstop Method Future Mindset validated footwear trends for the season. 

Your Footwear Project

Commission a personalised project with our senior trend experts to ensure the optimum footwear direction and application for your brand.

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