150 global specialists
visit 1,500 stores + events monthly…

…they upload 1,000 images per day
to our London HQ…

…which are curated by 30
in-house trend experts.

We track the trend lifecycle & social trends.

We categorise trends by market level.

Online Access

Get instant access to the Trendstop Method Future Mindset validated menswear trends for the season. 

Your Menswear Project

 Commission a personalised project with our senior trend experts to ensure the optimum menswear direction and application for your brand.

In Menswear you’ll get…

Want access to Trendstop Menswear?


Or call +44 (0)207 309 6888 (UK) or 1-866-329-3140 (USA) to speak to our friendly team in more detail.

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