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Introducing… Womenswear

Trendstop is the leader in reliable and inspiring forecasts for premium, better contemporary and fast fashion womenswear.

Our seasonal direction gives you the confidence you need to build a desirable collection. Our runway, trade show, street style and retail analysis gives you a holistic overview of the latest product developments in the industry. Our trend galleries are easily navigated and can be filtered to give you targeted results.

We update the site daily with direction and validation of trends, themes, colour, print, materials, key items and detailing.

Why Trendstop elevates your trend thinking

Elevate your trend thinking using beautifully curated content bursting with fresh ideas

The Trendstop Method validation brings you what the consumer actually wants to buy

Fast and effective way to find the trends that matter through focused forecasts and easy-to-use galleries

In Womenswear you’ll get…
Preview Content

Get a preview and be inspired 

Online Access

Get access to global colour trends that matter. 

Custom Project

Get the right seasonal trend direction for your brand.

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