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Free Trend Validation Mini Course

Get clued up on the essentials of trend forecasting, from tracking trends to avoiding fake ones. Get this complimentary training series delivered straight to your inbox across 5 emails.


Free Future Consumer Shopping Habits Report

Learn how consumer habits will shift after lockdown – and what this could mean for your fashion or lifestyle brand. Download this complimentary white paper report now.


Free FW21-22 Menswear Print Directions

Get a complimentary glimpse into the essential print and pattern directions for menswear for Fall/Winter in 2021 and 2022.


Watch a Trend Masterclass for free

Get a free taste of the Trend Masterclasses our Snapshots members enjoy as part of their access.

In this Masterclass you’ll discover how consumer thinking will change in the 2020’s – and what it means for fashion design.

Your Snapshots access includes quarterly Trend Masterclass on topics such as trend optimization, color planning, and post-pandemic consumer targeting.