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Access fashion and lifestyle trend forecasts relevant to your target consumer. So you can deliver collections you know will sell. And secure a more profitable, sustainable future.
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Get ahead of what your consumer really wants

Only 20% of stock accounts for 80% of revenue in most fashion businesses. That means a lot of time and resources get wasted on products that just don’t sell.

But Trendstop can help you do better for your sales, your consumer, and our planet.

Become a member of our online Trend Platform to access curated trend forecasts, consumer insights, design tools, and support. So you can cut the waste. And deliver only what your target consumer will want to buy tomorrow.

Tap into key trends before your competitors

Avoid ‘fake trends’ and passing fads. Get up to 18+ months ahead of the trends that resonate most deeply with your consumer’s long-term needs and values.

So you can act before your competitors to innovate products with lasting demand and profitability.

Navigate curated trend forecasts by season, product category, and more:

Consumer & Cultural Insights

Macro Trends & Themes


Prints & Graphics





Catwalk & Street Style

Act on trends with confidence – and expert support

We don’t just tell you what will sell tomorrow. We help you understand why. And provide practical support, inspiration, and design tools. So you can confidently apply our insights to all aspects of your product designs in the most profitable, sustainable ways.

Quick Range-Building Tools

Create and share new product ideas with Interactive Mood Boards, ‘Digital Touch’ Material Swatches, and more.


Live Trend Events & Masterclasses

Upskill your team with practical design demos and expert Q&As.


Bespoke Support

Enjoy 1:1 time with our senior trend strategists and creatives.

Stay ahead of what’s happening now

Track how all the trends we’ve forecasted evolve, with real-time trend validation and market analysis. So you can confirm or adapt your product and marketing strategy – right up to launch.

Aspirational Retail Galleries

Compare products from the world’s most innovative brands all in one place.


Catwalk & Street Style Coverage

Search 30k+ close-up shots of emerging trends by product, colour, and more.


Sustainability Reporting

Track the latest eco innovations, sourcing solutions, and suppliers.

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Find a plan to suit your budget, goals, and target market


For those who want to know what will be popular with mainstream markets in the coming seasons.



Mainstream Trend Forecasts (up to 12 months ahead)


Trend Tracking & Validation


Trend Application Tutorials


Interactive Mood Boards


Catwalk, Street Style & Retail Gallery Access

Allows 1 user.


Or pay one annual fee to get 2 months free

Fashion Forward

For brands who really want to get ahead of their competitors and target more premium markets.

Get everything in Mainstream, plus:


Fashion Forward Trend Forecasts (1 year ahead of Mainstream)


Advanced Catwalk, Street Style & Retail Analysis


Weekly Live Trend Event & Masterclasses


0.5 days of our research time per quarter on any project

Allows up to 3 users.

$4,850/quarter ($539/user/month)

Or pay one annual fee to save 12.5%


For brands who want to lead their market and target highly fashion-conscious, forward thinking consumers.

Get everything in Fashion Forward, plus:


Innovator Trend Forecasts (2+ years ahead of Mainstream)


Future Consumer & Market Insights (3+ years ahead)


1.5 days of our research time per quarter per project.


Access to Senior Trend Experts

Allows up to 5 users.

$11,495/quarter ($766/user/month)

Or pay one annual fee to save 12.5%

New Snapshots Membership
A lighter, more affordable option for individual fashion creatives. Only $39 for your 1st month.

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