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Only 20% of stock accounts for 80% of revenue in most fashion businesses. That means a lot of time and resources get wasted on products that just don’t sell.

Trendstop can help you do better for your sales, your consumer, and our planet.

Become a member of our online Trend Platform to access curated trend forecasts, consumer insights, design tools, and support. So you can cut the waste. And deliver only what your target consumer will want to buy tomorrow.

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Seasonal Forecasts for Mainstream Consumer
(Themes, Color, Materials, Print & Graphics, Apparel, Accessories, Footwear)

Core Items & Retail Validation

Trend Tracking & Validation

Trend Application Tutorials

Interactive Mood Boards

Catwalk & Street Style Galleries

Early Adopter Trend Forecasts
(Themes, Color, Materials, Print & Graphics, Apparel, Accessories, Footwear)

Emerging Runway Trends

Sustainable Material Sourcing Gallery

Editable Print Artwork Library

Innovator Trend Forecasts
(Themes, Color, Materials, Print & Graphics, Apparel, Accessories, Footwear)

Consumer Mindset Directions

Weekly Market & Product Insights

Material Innovation 2022-2025

Custom Research & Live Workshop Allowance

15h per quarter

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New Snapshots Membership
A lighter, more affordable option for individual fashion creatives. Only $39 for your 1st month.

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