Tailored support for your fashion or lifestyle brand

Our trend experts can help you understand your changing consumer, optimize your collections, and maximize your sales. 

Introducing 360° Brand Elevation

Your future success depends on more than one aspect of your business. So at Trendstop, we offer holistic strategy support across consumer, branding, product, and/or marketing – support that’s tailored to your exact needs and informed by trends.

Get the answers you need

No two businesses have the same challenges and goals. But here’s an idea of the kind of questions we can help you answer…


Who is your most valuable consumer?
How will consumer thinking and behavior evolve in the 2020s?
How do you target new audiences, such as Gen Z consumers?


What opportunities are there for your brand now and next?
How do you align yourself with changing consumer values?
What are other brands doing right or wrong?


What will your future consumer want to buy?
How should you innovate or update your product range?
What colors, materials, patterns, and styles will maximize sales?


How do you create buzz around your brand or products?
How should you style and present your collection?
What stories should you be telling and where?

Why you’ll love working with us

Tailored support

We work the way you need us to, and tailor our approach to your specific goals and budget.

Expertise you can trust

Our team of trend forecasters, strategists, creatives, and marketers have been getting results for over 20 years.

Real results

All our guidance is aimed at helping you minimize waste and maximize future profit.

Don’t just take our word for it

Trendstop are a team of excellence and masters in implementing relevant trends.

Today we have an urban collection that is modern and inspiring, totally aligned with brand values, and guided by the principles of sustainability and conscious management.”

M.S. Pimentel, Brand Director, Sonae Group

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