360° Brand Elevation

Get strategy advice that’s tailored to your brand’s needs and informed by future trends.

We look at everything that determines your future success

Your future success depends on your all aspects of your business, not just one.
That’s why Trendstop offers 360° Brand Elevation, our bespoke consultancy service for fashion and lifestyle brands.

Get hands-on support across consumer, product, and/or marketing, that’s tailored to your needs and informed by tomorrow’s trends. So, together with our experts, you can lead your entire business to a more profitable future.

Consumer Analysis & Insights

The first step to ensuring your future success: pinpointing your most valuable consumer.

We can help you . . .


Understand your consumer

Get to know them as a real person (not just data),with bespoke profiling.

Get ahead of what they want

Prepare for changes in their thoughts and buying habits, with our relevant macro trend analysis.


Make the most of future opportunities

Let us direct strategies that align with your future consumer’s wants.

This is just an idea of what we can deliver. To learn exactly what we can do for your brand, book your strategy meeting now.

Product Development & Direction

To cut waste and maximise profit, you need to invest only in products your consumer will want to buy.

We can help you . . .


Identify future trends

Get 2+ years ahead of trends that will prove profitable and relevant to your consumer.


Deliver what sells

Learn the best way to apply tomorrow’s top-selling colours, prints, styles, and fabrics to your product strategy.


Optimise your product range

Let us explore gaps in your current offering and map out ways to future-proof your core product.

This is just an idea of what we can deliver. To learn exactly what we can do for your brand, book your strategy meeting.

Brand & Marketing Guidance

If you want to engage your consumer, build loyalty, and drive sales, you need to communicate in ways they value.

We can help you . . .


Tell the right story

Build a brand narrative that helps you connect with consumers today (and tomorrow).


Find words and imagery that sell

Align your content across all channels (including social media) with profitable consumer and market trends.


Nail influencer marketing

Reach your target audience through those with real influence over future purchases and trends.

This is just an idea of what we can deliver. To understand how we can help your specific brand, contact us.

Why you’ll love working with us

Tailored support

We work the way you need us to, and tailor our approach to your specific goals and budget.

Expertise you can trust

Our team of trend forecasters, strategists, creatives, and marketers have been getting results for almost 20 years.

Value for money

We help you cut out the guesswork and implement profitable, future-proof strategies. That means less waste, maximum profit.

What our clients say

“Trendstop are a breath of fresh air. They took the time to really understand our business and work with us to digest trends and build a stronger product offering.”

Nick Barber

Design Director, Global Apparel

“Today we have an urban brand collection that is modern and inspiring […]. It has been great pleasure to work with Trendstop, a team of excellence with great knowledge of the fashion industry and mastery in how to implement relevant trends.”

Monica Souza Pimentel

Brand Director

Let’s discuss how we can help you


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