We empower luxury and premium brand leaders and creators to deliver exceptional collections & campaigns, get the recognition they deserve, and generate meaningful and lasting impact.

The consumer landscape has changed.

Tactics and approaches that were once successful are generating diminishing returns. This is because consumer expectations have changed since the pandemic, and most will no longer support dull or disposable retail.

For luxury, premium and early mainstream brands it’s vital that they understand early adopters’ expectations deeply and target them correctly. This is where Trendstop comes in.

Are you launching too late?

We’ve discovered that many brands are actually using trend data that is too late. Without brands realizing, this is causing consumers to switch off because collections and campaigns are launched too late to genuinely excite them. Did you know the early adopter and early mainstream market make up 47.5% of all consumers? These late launches overlook the early adopters entirely, and result in discounting, unsold stock, unengaged consumers, and a diminished brand positioning in the market. For luxury, premium and early mainstream brands it’s vital that they understand early adopters’ expectations deeply and target them correctly. This is where Trendstop comes in.

We know early adopters

We help our clients to quickly and accurately target their ideal consumer, and deeply understand early adopters, so they can avoid late launches and missed opportunities. We provide the correct forecasts for your consumer type, so you can grow sales, engagement and brand loyalty, and gain recognition for elevating and even transforming your brand. Our job is not just to identify the right trends, but to help you apply those trends to your collections, so they fly off the shelves, and to your campaigns so that they create meaningful and memorable emotive connections with your consumer.

Trendstop gets results

“You add a real understanding of where the trends are emerging and evolving from.”

Creative Director


“Our company has quadrupled sales in one year since the collections made with Trendstop started coming out.”

Head of Design

Streetwear Brand

“Trendstop has totally aligned the brand values, guided by principles of sustainability and conscious management of the entire value chain.”

Head of Design

Sonae Group

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Growing your profits & engagement

When brands miss or misalign trends for the early adopter market, they are missing out on 47.5% of sales and consumer engagement. For premium brands who don’t need to target late adopters, this ratio is much higher. This creates waste, missed opportunities, frustrating results, and diminishes brand reputation.

With our laser targeted future insights, our clients create more meaningful and less wasteful collections, campaigns and experiences.

The results include dramatically improved engagement, sales growth, elevated brand positioning and brand loyalty, as well as recognition as a transformative leader. Our clients have easily increased revenue by 20% to 300% in 1-2 seasons by adopting our approach, while imbuing their teams with a sense of purposeful inspiration.

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We work with dream clients

We work with passionate, creative and open-minded leaders who want to have meaningful impact. Our clients include iconic luxury brands, global style leaders and some of the most forward-thinking premium and sustainable fashion, beauty & lifestyle brands on the planet.

We work with Founders and CEO’s, Brand Presidents, Creative Directors, Strategy Directors, Chief Digital Officers, Product & Design Directors and Senior Art Directors to help them deliver exceptional work that wins awards, breaks sales growth and engagement records, and creates raving fans.

Unanimous feedback includes that our support is: easy to use, inspiring, elevated, explains why something is relevant, confirms concepts, connects to what consumers want, gets straight to the point, provides honest and thoughtful feedback.

Empowering you to deliver your best work

“I love being able to talk with you guys about different ways to work, and incorporate different touch points or ways we can improve our process – and how you can help us refine it. It’s really exciting to have that relationship!”

Trend & Colour Manager

VF Corporation

“Very impressed with your team. So professional and knowledgeable.”

Merchandising Director

Landmark Group

“Trendstop are a breath of fresh air. They took the time to really understand our business and work with us to digest trends and build a stronger product offering.”

Global VP Product


Impact your market, ongoing

One of the hardest things in luxury and premium fashion & lifestyle is to keep creating gorgeous elevated products that sell, and build hyper relevant and meaningful engagement around them, consistently. Trendstop’s targeted approach gives you the first mover advantage to deliver just that, ongoing.

Our talented team connects the dots between emerging creative concepts and reliable commercial success, so that you deliver commercial innovation that both excites and sells, every time.

Why we help deliver consistent results:

  • deep understanding of consumers’ future expectations
  • global trends overlaid with your brand insights
  • optimizes deliverables for best results
  • 360 approach


specialists globally

identifying and tracking fashion and lifestyle innovation


key cities

providing daily insights to our London trend HQ


innovator trends

filtered monthly, and validated across trend timelines

Our founder

Born in Finland and based in London, Jaana Jätyri is a leading futurist and thought leader, as well as a sustainability advocate. She has collaborated with fashion and creative leaders from Karl Lagerfeld to Courtney Love, and with retailers from End to Zara. Jaana got her start making CAD design libraries for top fashion retailers in the UK. When clients began requesting seasonal trend silhouettes, she launched Trendstop in 2002. Today, Trendstop is the world’s foremost luxury and premium creative & consumer trend forecasting agency, counting some of the world’s most innovative and iconic brands as clients and collaborators.

Sustainable Advocacy

Early adopters demand more sustainability. We believe conscious fashion doesn’t need to be as expensive as it might seem at first glance. This is because the fashion industry creates up to 70% of waste, which is incredibly costly. By helping brands target their collections better so that consumers are excited to buy, our clients have been able to dramatically reduce wasted production runs, overstock and discounting. Furthermore, more attractive styles can be sold at a premium. This in turn offsets the cost of adding more sustainable materials. All of this results in elevated brand positioning, more engaged customers and done consistently, increased loyalty. Contact us to find out how we’ve helped businesses like yours.

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