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Our Passion: Helping your brand prosper
We are a boutique trend forecasting agency that uncovers trends and shifts in consumer mindsets to provide you with the intelligence that helps your brand prosper. Our mission is to help shape the fashion industry so that it is better for the planet and the people – driving profitability through better consumer targeting and the reduction of waste.

At Trendstop, we help our clients deliver a meaningful and conscious brand experience. Our passionate team inspires forward-thinking brands to deliver fewer but better products, authentic marketing, and memorable experiences. We know our approach gets fast results for our clients. We consider every aspect of what your audience wants and when they want it, in conversation with you.

Consumer mindsets are rapidly shifting, and 21st century consumers are more demanding than ever. We will show you how to meet and exceed their expectations.

What we do

We help leading fashion and sports brands identify tomorrow’s consumer and market opportunities and turn them into products consumers will love. In doing so, we help grow sales in ways that are kinder for the planet and people. We help brands intimately understand future trends, and we show you how to align them with your target audience, leading to more strategic and profitable product decisions.

We help brands elevate their offer holistically, and excite their audience with a meaningful and authentic brand experience that resonates.

Our methodology

We understand what your audience wants next. We start by studying trends at 1% or 2% of inception. This is when trends are virtually undetected. By combining data analysis with an expert human perspective, we determine which consumer trends will thrive. From there, we package this information into actionable insights to help you optimize your brand, products, and marketing content.

Leading with innovators, we follow trends from their earliest inception and track how they evolve. Our forecasts are beautifully curated and use forward-thinking references. We then validate the trends across three market levels, ensuring that you are creating the right products at the right time.

Who we work with

We collaborate with founders, brand presidents, product creation, marketing and experience leaders of premium fashion and sports brands.

We are passionate about ensuring our clients are genuinely confident that they have the right consumer, market and product trends and opportunities covered, and are delivering them right for their consumer and brand DNA.
We work with you to provide the clarity, direction and actionability to deliver products your consumers will love, consistently.

What makes us different

While most agencies report on what is happening, Trendstop focus on why it is happening. We explore why consumers choose specific behaviour patterns and we identify the products consumers are most likely to respond to.

One of the hardest things in fashion and sport is to provide gorgeous elevated products that sell, and generate consumer loyalty, consistently. Trendstop’s personalized expertise helps you do that. Premium fashion & sports brands trust our strategic insight because we understand what your audience wants next. We work with you collaboratively to help you deliver on-trend products and brand experiences that are on brand, and right for your consumer.

Meet the team

Our experts

We look across sectors and territories to connect the dots between emerging trends and actionable ideas with commercial viability. Trendstop’s global team has cross-category expertise in product development and design, consumer and market trend forecasting, branding, marketing, and digital & physical experience.


specialists globally

identifying and tracking fashion and lifestyle innovation


key cities

providing daily insights to our London trend HQ


innovator trends

filtered monthly, and validated across trend timelines

Our founder

Born in Finland and based in London, Jaana Jätyri is both a sustainability advocate and global thought leader who got her start making CAD design libraries for top fashion retailers in the UK. When clients began requesting seasonal trend silhouettes, she launched Trendstop in 2002. Today, Trendstop is the world’s foremost fashion & sport trend innovation agency, counting some of the world’s most innovative brands as clients and collaborators.

What clients say

“I love being able to talk with you guys about different ways to work, and incorporate different touch points or ways we can improve our process – and how you can help us refine it. It’s really exciting to have that relationship!”

Trend & Colour Manager

VF Corporation

“Very impressed with your team. So professional and knowledgeable.”

Merchandising Director

Landmark Group

“Trendstop are a breath of fresh air. They took the time to really understand our business and work with us to digest trends and build a stronger product offering.”
Global Design Director


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