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Our mission is to transform the fashion industry by guiding brands to a more profitable and sustainable future

Almost two decades of trend consultancy has shown us that most fashion businesses make 75% of their sales from just 25% of their top performing products. At Trendstop, we help brands shortcut directly to the top 25%, meaning less waste, healthier profits and happier customers.

Join us to gain the confidence to consistently create less but better fashion consumers will love.

Trending since 2002

Headquartered in London, Trendstop was founded in 2002 by Jaana Jätyri, a world-leading fashion futurist with a special interest in sustainability

A Finnish-born Central St Martins graduate, Jaana set up a ground-breaking business in her early twenties providing pre-made CAD design libraries to the UK’s leading fashion retailers and suppliers. When the design teams began requesting more trend-led shapes based on the latest runway shows, the idea for Trendstop was born.

Today Trendstop is the world’s foremost fashion trend innovation agency, counting some of the world’s most innovative brands as clients and collaborators. Jaana heads up a team of passionate trend experts driven to help the fashion and lifestyle industries operate in a more profitable and sustainable way.

Solid Expertise by Your Side

Our London Trend HQ is home to 30 senior trend experts from varied industry backgrounds. Here we receive a daily live stream of global observations from our 148 trend spotters located across 27 of the world’s most trend-relevant cities, used to guide our clients to the most profitable product opportunities of the future.

Methodology that gets you ahead of the curve

Trendstop has 18 years’ experience in analysing future consumer mindsets, and accurately forecasting fashion & lifestyle trends that become commercially successful.

Our research is focused on the earliest trend indicators available – the 2.5% of the population known as innovators. Our unique methodology allows us to consistently identify best-selling products 18-24 months in advance. It’s key to our clients’ trend confidence, keeping them ahead of the curve and growing sales.

Learn more about how you can use our methodology to validate your your collection.

Learn more about how to collaborate with our team to identify and apply the right trends for your brand.

360°Holistic Brand Elevation

We promote a 360°approach from future consumer insights to collection to communications that engages the consumer on all levels.

Our passionate team of trend experts is at your side, not just to deliver our leading research and analysis, but to help you implement it quickly and correctly, helping streamline your trend application process

Learn more about how our holistic approach helps teams apply trend concepts effectively for their market and target audience.

Less but Better

Our mantra at Trendstop is Less but Better. Driven by the idea that creating fewer but better products, rigorously informed by consumer foresights and early trend validation, is the key to both increased profitability and sustainability in the fashion and lifestyle industries.

Accurate trend forecasting and a keen sensibility towards future consumer behaviour translates to meaningful products that sell, streamlining resources and eliminating the overuse of landfills.

It’s our mission to guide brands to a more profitable and more sustainable future.

Plant Trees with Trendstop

We want to do our bit for the planet collectively with our clients. Our Green Planet Initiative plants trees for every customer who buys Trendstop services. Our goal is to plant a million trees by the end of 2022. Join us in making a difference.

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