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We are the experts on tomorrow’s consumers, and we believe passionately in helping design and buying professionals create products they will love. Our Trend Platform provides clarity and confidence on future best-sellers 18-24 months ahead of time, so creative teams can design without the guesswork.

Unusual times require innovative tools, and for those who can no longer afford missed opportunities or wasted resources, our Trend Platform is the tool for you.

We help you…

  • Apply trends correctly, ensuring your products hit the mark with consumers
  • Curate your range using our industry-leading research and analysis
  • Confirm your decisions so that they are in line with what consumers will want to buy
  • Create meaningful collections that speak to your target consumer

The Home of Future Trends

The Online Trend Platform is our dynamic hub of unfolding trend research and market-leading future forecasts.

Designed with busy professionals in mind, here we provide accurate trend insights instantly, in a creatively curated and comprehensive way.

A team of globally connected trend experts update the platform daily, keeping our clients informed on the emerging trends impacting future consumer behaviour.

Focused on the 2.5% Innovators

The key to our success is acting early, predicting accurately and curating meticulously; pinpointing a consumer’s true wants and needs well ahead of mainstream adoption and guiding brands to create the most desirable iterations.

At Trendstop, we are uniquely focused on the earliest trend indicators available – the 2.5% of the population known as innovators.

Our research uncovers new trends when only the innovators are tuned into them, affording clients 12-24 months to develop the right products for mainstream markets, whilst our trend experts curate the best in class references to guide brand direction and elevate collections.

The Ultimate Time Saver

The Trend Platform is designed to serve fashion professionals who want to get their job done right first time.

Our consumer targeted, comprehensive and correctly timed forecasts remove countless wasted hours from your schedule, doing the legwork behind the scenes to help you shortcut to outstanding results.

Gain the confidence to back your decisions with the conviction of our industry-leading research behind you.

Build the product ranges your target consumer will be excited by, and avoid wasted time and resources in the process.

Our Curated Forecasts Speak for Themselves

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Stay a step ahead

The Trend Platform includes:

  • Innovator-validated forecasting 12-24 months ahead of the market to help you build purposeful collections that resonate with your consumer.
  • Consumer-centric seasonal themes linked to emerging consumer values and expectations.
  • Easy-to-use seasonal direction to build hyper-curated products across colour, prints & graphics, materials and key items.
  • Specialised application direction for apparel, accessories and footwear to pinpoint the correct product features and components that add up to profitability.
  • Trend Timeline to track trends from early concept to mainstream adoption, to help you estimate the correct timing for your product releases.

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The Online Trend platform is designed to make range planning a quick and easy process. See just how simple it can be with our 15-minute design plan preview.

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