Color Forecasting that Gets Results

Incorrect color choices can lose 88% of your product sales.
Optimize your sales potential with Trendstop’s accurate color forecasts.

Color directions that deliver best sellers

Clients confirm that Trendstop offers the only color forecast in the market that consistently delivers best selling color selections, and shades customers love and are excited by.

Trendstop color forecasting is unique


Reliably results in shades that grow sales and profits


Provides targeted forecasts for your market and consumer


Offers the right shades to excite even the most demanding consumers


Helps streamline your internal process for color palette creation and validation


Incorporates sustainable color management and reduction of waste

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Consumer relevant color forecasts

If your consumer doesn’t get excited about the color options you offer, then it’s time to try better methods. At Trendstop, we explain the reasons why consumers are drawn to certain colors, and provide color forecasts for your specific market and target audience. So that you get better targeted and more profitable results.
We’ve gotten so many hits from your forecasts. And you gave us shades we would not have been able to figure out on our own.

Product Director, Lifestyle Brand

Correctly timed color forecasts

How will you know the colors you select will be timed correctly for your audience? Trendstop shows you the complete color timeline and market level relevance so that you have full confidence your colors will be timed correctly for your market and consumer – and you’ll be ahead of your competitors.
We didn’t realize how incorrect our previous color approach was.

SVP Merchandising, Leading Fashion & Home Retailer

Gorgeously curated palettes

We offer the most beautifully curated color directions in the market – It’s no wonder our predicted shades sell out! And our clients love the early market color usage case studies to bring the shades to life.
Our sales doubled once we started using your colors!

VP Product, Major Active Brand

Sustainable color insights

We bring you the leading insights on sustainable color initiatives and processes, including practical guidance on how your company could adopt less harmful color practices.
I’ve learnt so much of the sustainability component from your trend activation events.

CEO, Women’s Accessory Brand

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