We are super excited to announce our new weekly blog videos, taking you behind the scenes and introducing the team at Trendstop. Our very first edition is featuring ‘Hiking is the New Yoga’ and our CEO Jaana exploring the Camelback Mountain hiking trails in Phoenix, AZ.

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Hiking in the great outdoors has a scientifically proven anti-inflammatory effect on the body. While yoga balances the mind and body through deep breathing exercises, hiking is becoming increasingly popular due to our need to connect with nature and take a break from our digital lives.

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Forest Bathing

Exposing ourselves to nature allows us to tune into our body’s natural rhythms. Did you know that the Japanese call going into the forest and taking in the forest atmosphere Forest Bathing—or shinrin-yoku? It has been associated with reduced stress, lower blood pressure, and a stronger immune system.

Those who have been on forest hikes know the deep feeling of peace and even spiritual awe you get from entering into the deep forest. This is biologically connected to our core being. Now more and more urban kids are experiencing that maybe for the first time. And once you experience that feeling, it will change you, and you want to experience it again. It’s a great quality experience for those ‘Explorience seekers’ we’ve spoken about in our Future Consumer Mindset sessions.

And that’s the real reason why the outdoors are becoming so popular with consumers.

Sustainable Travel

At this point of an interactive client session we would usually have a big conversation – won’t it ruin the planet if everyone wants to travel to the pristine forests we still have left?

Our CEO Jaana comments: “The reality is that the masses will want to travel anyway. And if we can increase their awareness and make them travel more mindfully then so much the better. If seeing a real forest will inspire city kids to plant more trees where they live and build less shopping centers and parking lots in the future, then letting people go to forests can help change the world for the better.”

By being more mindful and sustainable your brand can be a positive role model.