Pantone’s Colour of the Year, Classic Blue, bringing “a sense of peace and tranquility to the human spirit, offering refuge,” has a prophetic resonance for a world in the grips of a pandemic.

It has not been a colour that we collectively turned towards however. As words failed us, we expressed ourselves in the rainbows decorating our windows in salute to key workers, and in the national colours of our flags flying in empty squares.

Post-pandemic, compelling conversations around sustainability, gender, and a collective yearning for simpler times will inform the palette of the allusive ‘New Normal,’ and savvy brands will use colour as a tool to reignite consumers’ spirits, and drive to buy.

Uber Refined Vintage 

Capturing the enduring allure of looking back during times of hardship or disillusionment. Whether we have exhausted ourselves with endless cycles of news, become fearful of environmental or public health catastrophe, or drained by political upheaval, delight, distraction and comfort can be found in escaping to perceived “simpler” times.

Blocks of deep Vintage Ink and invigorating Vintage Saffron are refined and modernised through a 21st century lens, free of distracting pattern or print, to be as simple and uncomplicated as we need them to be.


The arbitrary line drawn between menswear and womenswear is becoming increasingly blurred, born from broadening definitions of gender and identity.

Lingonberry echoes the seeking of a middle ground, included in both our menswear and womenswear forecasts, used confidently in knits, outerwear and accessories. A subtle shade that reflects the nuances of gender experienced by the end consumer, neither challenging nor brash in its expression

Eco Neutrals

As humanity escapes – psychologically at least – from the confines of lockdown, the harsh blue lights of computer screens and the incongruous terms of social interaction, we turn towards nature and the earth, with a refreshed world view trained on sustainability.

A palette born in nature, Eco Neutrals reflects the shift in consumer perspective. Integrating natural hues – Flaxen, Sand, Terracotta – undyed and organic, characterised by a refusal to adulterate natural fibres with man-made chemicals and toxins.



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