Forgoing traditional pastel shades and palettes, the new transeasonal colours come with a new set of intentions.

As we look to brighter days ahead, we see colour not only act as a mood-lifter but a signifier of shifts in culture and society.

We take a closer look at key shades from our latest trend forecast, that are not only consumer-relevant, and eco-focused, but full of optimism.

Cautiously Optimistic Yellow

With this sense of optimism on the rise, Cautiously Optimistic Yellow is a sophisticated but ultimately wearable shade of yellow.

Forgoing traditional pastel shades, it lends a sophisticated grey cast – translating to an inherent longevity.

Having first forecast Cautiously Optimistic Yellow at the start of the pandemic, we’re now seeing its emergence six months later at high-end retail. Validating the connection with a more positive and optimistic consumer mindset as we head into the spring season.

This consumer-focused colour is easy to wear with a gentle, neutral tonality. What’s more, it’s perfectly transeasonal and can be universally applied to product from fashion through to homewares.

Hotel Chocolat

The evolution of transeasonal colours, transcends into rich browns in the redefined spring summer palette.

Hotel Chocolat, a beautiful, vintage-hued brown with richness and depth, pairing seamlessly with other shades in our forecast, including Lilac Dusk and Cautiously Optimistic Yellow.

Hotel Chocolat can be used to create playful yet sophisticated vintage combinations, adding a sense of refinement to transeasonal products. As it emerges from our forecast into high end retail, the use of this deep colour story adds unexpected depth and richness when paired with artisanal detailing.

The new eco-palette

As we become more sustainably aware, bright, vibrant colours, that require more chemicals to produce, no longer connect to the conversation happening among consumers.

Similarly, Hotel Chocolat is achieved using less harmful dyes than typical darker shades. Its hue connects to an earthy, eco feel, with an almost natural cocoa plant shade. The rich chocolate colour connects us to the earth, with a grounding quality.

On the Trendstop platform we track and validate all our colours over multiple seasons. Here, we can see that very bright yellows haven’t been trending for some time across either fashion forward, or mainstream categories. Pale yellow tones, like Cautiously Optimistic Yellow, however, are a trend with longevity and one that we’re seeing continue to evolve within Trendstop’s dedicated color library.

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