With consumer mindsets changing, we’re already seeing shifts in fashion and retail. And beyond this, there has been a slowing down of fashion systems and production processes.

The new consumer holds a renewed appreciation for the handmade and artisan. With an inherent need to retreat from the mass-produced. Considered design shines through here with accessories in particular. From high-end luxury to all market levels, the emphasis is on longevity, sustainability, and timeless design.

Craftsmanship celebrated

With its emphasis on the handmade and collaborative design, our concept, Original Artisans sees a return to traditional skills with a refined, vintage aesthetic. This resurgence is brought about by a deep-rooted need to get back to basics.

Rustic textures, sculptural forms, and considered detailing take centre stage. ‘Behind the scenes’ craftspeople are given the same importance as the designer.

Every minute detail from stitching to hardware are equally celebrated. Premium eco-dyed leathers and vegan leather alternatives produce exceptional artisanal accessories that are not only kind to the planet but worth the investment.

Curated leather keepsakes

Curated Leather Keepsakes highlights the idea that beautiful pieces can bring contentment, are cherished and hold meaning. Attention to detail and high quality material bring practicality as well as an item that stands the test of time.

Elevated craftsmanship ensures longevity with pieces treasured and certain to be passed down through generations. Quality leather is premium in earthier tones, formed from natural dyeing processes. Hardware is kept minimal with a flat natural surface finish.

Pieces also connect beautifully with travel and consumer desire to buy less throwaway purchases. As the world holds new appreciation for travel and vacations; trips will be more planned and considered. These treasured keepsakes will be brought back as a meaningful object linked to a special experience.

Found objects as works of art

Artisanal Found Objects focuses on the beauty of natural formations and textures, elevating found objects to works of art.

Natural elements combine with melted forms and granulated textures. Our environment is celebrated through encouraging the preservation of our natural environments and materials. Materials seek to utilise the natural world through coconut wood, shell, porcelain and ceramics.

Non-toxic, water-based resin systems such as jesmonite are crafted into organic shapes. Semi-precious stones such as Agate come in matte finishes. Metal and natural materials combine, creating a elevated artisanal finish.

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