Eco-focused Colour Direction

With consumers now seeking eco-friendly shades, our forecasted colours for SS21/22 have evolved into the market as exciting and wearable offerings.

The eco-focused colours, translate as elevated basics; adding renewed interest to t-shirts and sweatshirts.

Shades work effortlessly as individuals or as a collection-wide, harmonious palette.

Brand Storytelling: Lighter than Air

In the current market it is vital for brands to communicate their sustainability initiatives.

We’ve often touched on the importance of storytelling in brand communication and in today’s market, it’s never been more important.

Our concept forecast, Lighter than Air tells a holistic, consumer relevant story from product to marketing – connecting product & storytelling seamlessly.

Capturing the evolution of fashion and sport merging together, Lighter than Air sees intelligent fabrication meet an eco-centric colour palette.

The concept highlights thoughtful, regenerative materials that provide a sustainable choice for the consumer but with aesthetic appeal.

These materials also connect with the resounding theme of lightness that threads right through to product. This flow creates interest as well as alignment with a brand’s marketing story.

Trend Validation

At Trendstop we track our trend forecasts evolution from concept to market validation. SS21 is where we’re seeing Lighter than Air tangibly evolve into the mainstream market.

Most notably in Uniqlo’s offering of intelligent, sustainable fabric, brand story-telling, and eco-focused shades that translate to elevated basics.

Commercial application highlights soft eco-focused colour palettes and sustainably-sourced fabrics.

As consumers seek to connect with brands that allow them to make more meaningful purchases Uniqlo clearly communicates their meaningful, aligned values with their customer.

Intelligent fabrics deliver wearable separates sourced from family-run cotton farms.

Holistic, 360 Brand Expression

This mainstream validation is a great example of sustainability and the eco-aesthetic coming together.

With Trendstop’s themes, consumer mindsets and insights, you get the whole story – to inform both the products and communications – so everything is connected and resonates with the consumer of today and tomorrow.

Whether your market is Fashion Forward, Mainstream or you need best-selling Core Range ideas, we provide hyper-curated, fully validated directions, only identifying real trends and avoiding the fakes.

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