The men’s Resort 2022 collections homed in on a world beyond lockdown.

Global inspirations, a rediscovery of one’s cultural heritage and collaborations that straddled continents, even when international travel is still difficult, illustrated the world-inclusive perspective that designers are taking.

Key themes such as gender-fluidity and breaking down stereotypical fashion codes were also explored as well as a nostalgia for childhood that offered safety and comfort during a tumultuous time.


Drawing in his parental heritage, Olivier Rousteing took inspiration from Africa and the Middle East.

Unstructured silhouettes in tapestry fabrics and the reworking of traditional prints and patterns were teamed with chain-chin trimmed caps that referenced French singer Dalida and the designers own Parisian base.

The melting pot aesthetic of the collection was a dual celebration of personal and a citizen of the world identity.

Louis Vuitton

Reuniting for a second collaboration, Virgil Abloh and Japanese luxury streetwear designer Nigo focused on authenticity, thinking about what they wanted from fashion, and projecting their own personalities and lifestyles into the collection.

Blending Nigo’s iconography with LV’s iconic monogram on denim, ponchos, American workwear, British tailoring and Japanese kimonos, referenced how the collection came together across several continents and the designers own backgrounds.

Thom Browne

Also incorporating key seasonal trends for knitted ponchos and tapestry-esque techniques, Thom Browne took a more gender-fluid approach with a collection featuring skirts, kilts and cropped shirts.

The pieces played with traditional ideas of what is men’s and what is womenswear.

Global travel was also at the forefront of the designer’s mind and his childhood fascination with toy propeller planes, boats and kites came through in the jetliner shaped bags and nautical caps.