From textile and apparel to fashion and beauty, Pantone® is recognised by designers across multiple industries as an authority on colour. So it’s no surprise that many eagerly await the announcement of their Colour of the Year.

Read on as we reveal which shades our colour trend forecasters think could soon claim the title for 2022.


Colour trend first forecasted by Trendstop in April 2020 for Fall 2022. Pantone® Fashion + Home 13-3801 TCX Crystal Gray.


As consumers become increasingly climate-conscious, we’re seeing a rise in veganism and vegetarianism. So it makes sense that Tofu is a contender for the 2022 Pantone® Colour of the Year.

It’s a colour for an era trying to drive positive social and environmental change. Because, unlike bright whites, this soft shade doesn’t call for harsh bleaching methods. And it makes products more practical and longer lasting.


Colour trend first forecasted by Trendstop in April 2020 for Fall 2022. Pantone® Fashion + Home 17-1340 TCX Adobe.


As well as more environmentally responsible, modern consumers are also striving to be more socially inclusive. And that’s why Luminous Terracotta features on our list.

This shade not only celebrates our planet and its natural riches. It also celebrates diversity and reminds us that there’s more than one shade of ‘nude’.


Colour trend first forecasted by Trendstop in November 2019 for Spring Summer 2022. Pantone® Fashion + Home 16-5304 TCX Jadeite.


A nourishing eco shade (and favourite of our colour experts), Soft Jade restores energy and optimism.

So it would work well as the colour of 2022. It brings the certainty, balance, and healing we need after the chaos of the pandemic.


Colour trend first forecasted by Trendstop in April 2020 for Fall 2022. Pantone® Fashion + Home 16-1330 TCX Muted Clay.


Modern consumers continue to challenge gender norms and binary thinking. So demand is growing for more neutral product colours. And that’s why we think Antique Rose is another possible Pantone Colour of the Year 2022.

This grey cast on this pink hue makes it less overtly feminine and more inclusive. Plus, its softness gives it a distinctly ‘eco’ feel. So it speaks to consumers not only looking to drive positive social change, but also environmental.

So that’s what our forecasters think. The real Pantone® Colour of the Year should be announced very shortly.

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