As Poppy Lissiman is one of the most covetable brands for sunglasses on Instagram, our senior trend experts put together a quick checklist for targeting trend-savvy consumers for sunglasses.

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Marketing strategies for sunglasses targeting Gen Z and Millennials may differ due to their unique preferences and behaviors:

1. Social Media Platforms:

  • Gen Z: Focus on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat for short, engaging video content and influencer collaborations.
  • Millennials: Utilize Facebook and Instagram for visual ads, as well as YouTube for in-depth product reviews and tutorials.

2. Sustainability:

  • Gen Z: Emphasize eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes to align with their environmental concerns.
  • Millennials: Highlight sustainability efforts but also emphasize quality and style.

3. Brand Values:

  • Gen Z: Showcase a brand’s commitment to social causes and inclusivity.
  • Millennials: Highlight the brand’s heritage and authenticity.

4. Influencer Marketing:

  • Gen Z: Partner with micro-influencers who have niche followings and appear relatable.
  • Millennials: Collaborate with established influencers or celebrities to create trust and brand recognition.

5.  User-Generated Content:

  • Gen Z: Encourage user-generated content, such as challenges or hashtags, to engage this generation.
  • Millennials: Encourage reviews and testimonials on websites and social media.

6. Product Customization:

  • Gen Z: Offer customization options to cater to their desire for individuality.
  • Millennials: Focus on providing a variety of styles to suit different preferences.

7. Price Points:

  • Gen Z: Offer budget-friendly options and promotions to appeal to cost-conscious consumers.
  • Millennials: Can target mid-range to premium price points for those willing to invest in quality.

8. AR Try-On:

  • Gen Z: Implement augmented reality try-on experiences for online shopping.
  • Millennials: Provide detailed sizing information and virtual styling tips.

9. Mobile Shopping:

Both generations prefer mobile-friendly websites and apps for seamless shopping experiences.

10. Storytelling:

  • Gen Z: Craft stories that resonate with their values and aspirations.
  • Millennials: Highlight the journey and evolution of the brand over the years.

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