Innovator Trend Platform Membership

Be first to innovate for your consumer

Access our most advanced trend forecasts and consumer mindset insights. So you can get inspired, validate new ideas, and lead your market with innovation that sells.

Innovator Membership helps you…


Secure your position as a market leader


Spark and validate ideas for cutting-edge products, campaigns, or brand concepts


Align yourself with the most forward-thinking or style-conscious consumers

Clients include leading luxury, fashion, beauty, sport, technology, home and entertainment brands.

See future opportunities first

‘Innovators’ are the first consumers to tap into trends – often two years before those trends go mainstream. They’re the most forward-thinking, style-conscious consumers – and notoriously tricky to profile.

Our Innovator Membership gets you ahead of innovator thinking, wants, and behavior – as well as ‘big picture’ cultural and market shifts. Including specific markets, like China.

So you can identify and seize tomorrow’s most profitable opportunities long before your competitors.

Let our insights inspire & inform your cutting-edge ideas

Our insights are carefully curated. So you can focus on tomorrow’s opportunities
– and find ways to seize them that will really excite and sell.

Consumer Mindsets

Understand emerging innovator consumer mindsets, to visualize what they will really want, need, and value.

Validated Innovation

From art and culture to product and campaign concepts, get inspired by relevant innovation and global innovators.

Proof of Concept

Get confirmation for what’s shaping product design now and next, like pioneering brand stories and stand-out sustainable initiatives.

Quickly turn ideas into viable product & marketing concepts

Our platform has all the tools you need to validate your ideas and make them real.


Seasonal Product Direction

Know the exact colors, materials, and styles that will excite your future consumer.


Consumer Validation

Confirm your decisions, with the earliest consumer data and ongoing trend tracking.


Innovation Workshops

Get custom research time and expert workshops to ideate and confirm consumer-optimized concepts.

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Combine our teams’ talents with your own

With our Innovator package, you get tailored support from our trend experts, strategists, and creatives. So you can confirm you’re making the right decisions, from concept to launch.

We’ll provide you with …


Full access to our trend platform, including Consumer, Insights & Innovator content.


15 hours’ custom research time every quarter


Private workshops for your whole team


VIP invites to members-only Live Trend Events and Masterclasses

What our Innovator Members say

“I find your site an inspirational yet practical tool, and the best fit of all the trend services on the market.”

Karl Lagerfeld

“Trendstop are a breath of fresh air. We found validation for ideas we were already exploring – and identified many new opportunities which are easily transferable into our creative direction for the season.”


“We love the logic and thought process behind Trendstop trends. The Trend Platform is so user friendly, and beautifully laid out. Seeing the possibilities on the page eases our work so much.”

Hugo Boss

What’s the investment?

Innovator membership starts at $10,000.

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