Anticipate what your fashion, sport or lifestyle consumer wants

Deliver the consumer, market & product innovation
that will move your customer
It’s not easy to foresee the collections that sell and communications that engage, for your specific brand and target audience.

At Trendstop, we help you pinpoint your consumers’ future expectations and adapt your strategy, so you are offering the right products at the right time. We target our forecasts by consumer mindset, and give you live access to our trend expertise, in conversation. So that you can understand your consumers’ specific future expectations, and how to deliver on them.

Our bank of future proofed color, product and marketing concepts helps you find the most relevant executions quickly, and allows you to optimize your approach in minutes, not months.

See the future of fashion & sport now with Trendstop.

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Save time and get immediate results

Time is a priceless commodity. Our targeted approach offers practical application support and immediate results, which optimize the consumer, market and product opportunities for your brand. Save weeks and months spent as a result of misguided research or analysis. Avoid wasting development and production resources on incorrect items. Trendstop helps you eliminate wasted time and mitigate costly mistakes.

Exciting products & meaningful brands

Trendstop helps you quickly and effectively identify your consumers’ future expectations, and target your products & marketing effectively. We are passionate about helping our customers elevate their products while cutting waste, and growing profits responsibly. With our targeted support, consumers can have products they love, from brands they care about.

Reduce waste, grow sales

70% of most fashion businesses’ sales comes from only 20% of products.* That means a lot of time, money and resources are wasted on items that don’t sell. At Trendstop, we get you ahead of tomorrow’s consumer expectations so you can cut the waste. With our expertise, you can focus on what will sell, for better profits, happier customers, and a healthier planet.

*Trendstop Business Insights 2020

About our services

With immediately actionable insight, we confirm the future mindsets of Gen Z or your target audience, and identify trend directions to alleviate the risks of investing in misaligned branding, products, or marketing. To learn how, browse our innovation platform, engage with our experts, or attend our bi-monthly events.

Trend Platform Membership

With future trend insight, forecasting tools, and seasonal direction, you can build plans that accelerate your brand’s momentum by capitalizing on innovative trends and elevated trend application case studies.

“We love the logic and thought process behind Trendstop trends. The Trend Platform is so user friendly, and beautifully laid out. Seeing the possibilities on the page eases our work so much.”

Hugo Boss

Tailored Consulting

Connect with our team of experts in person for time-saving insight that you can put into motion immediately. We cut straight to the point, providing specific guidance personalized to your brand, collection, communications, or experience. In turn, we help you maximize your brand’s unique value.

With Trendstop’s support, our team has developed immensely, and today we have an urban brand collection that is modern and inspiring, totally aligned with the brand values, guided by the principles of sustainability and conscious management of the entire value chain.

Sonae Group

Live Insights Events

Join our monthly 30-minute live events to get informed quickly, and plan ahead confidently. Keep on the pulse of global trends, launches and innovation, and get reliable, actionable insights into what fashion consumers want next, and why.
We find Trendstop’s website very easy to manage and interpret, but with the talks, it adds so much more depth and detail, and a real understanding of where the trends are emerging and evolving from.


Helping brands get results

We are passionate about helping brands elevate their collections and excite their consumer, whilst reducing wasted time and effort. We have supported over 1,000 brands with relevant trend direction since 2002.

Global leaders

Sustainable & meaningful brands

Footwear specialists

Independent labels & influencers

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