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Future forecasting for luxury, premium & elevated fashion brands

Trendstop is working with selected clients from iconic global leaders to independent premium brands, helping them meet and exceed the expectations of today’s demanding consumers.

We help brands identify what premium consumers and early adopters want to see, experience and buy, and deliver the brand values, collections and creative communications to excite them.

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Advanced Consumer Insights

Conclusive fashion & luxury consumer insights, including future mindsets, consumer lifestyle segmentation and targeting

Digital & Creative Insights

Cultural trend analysis, concept validation, digital innovation and trend forecasting for luxury fashion and beauty

Color Trend Forecasting

Reliable future color validation and consumer color psychology for fashion, beauty, active and lifestyle products

Fashion Trend Forecasting

Seasonal color, print and pattern, material and silhouette trend forecasting for targeted and elevated fashion, accessory & footwear collections

Brand Elevation

Luxury, premium and contemporary brand rebranding services, digital transformation and consumer driven brand strategies

Sport & Active Trend Forecasting

Engage your sport & active lifestyle consumer with elevated and targeted colors, styles, prints and sustainable materials

Trendstop gets remarkable results

By enabling them to laser focus on their ideal consumer’s future expectations, we’ve helped luxury and premium brands add from 20% to 300% growth, and enjoy dramatically increased brand engagement and loyalty often in just one season.


Trusted by leading brands

Since 2002, over 1,000 growth-minded brands have relied on our trend expertise, from independent labels to global leaders, across fashion, beauty, active, lifestyle, footwear & accessories.

What our lovely clients say

Dominic T, Head of Design

“Our company has quadrupled sales in one year since the collections made with Trendstop started coming out. I just follow Trendstop and keep applying it. My boss couldn’t be happier.”

James D, VP Design

“I love your logic and thought process behind trends, and how you have that in-depth knowledge and timeline across the trends and colors. It’s so user friendly and really beautiful how it’s laid out.”

Ada De Ferrari, Owner

“We saved $5,870 from unnecessary sampling in the first 3 weeks of joining Trendstop – and 45 hours of research time! I have not felt this confident in our fall direction for years.”

Stephen E, Senior Art Director

“We love the themes from the Trendstop site, they are on point and give us a great starting and jumping off point for our further research.”

Natalie Sudit, Owner & Creative Director

“I’ve been working with Trendstop for a few months now, and it has been an amazing experience for me. I have learned so much about so many things, from colors to product naming, and it has really improved my business.”

Sung Ah, Vice President of Design

“One of the reasons we’ve selected your site is because it’s so straight forward and its very easy to know what’s going on with the images, it doesn’t need a lot of explanation. We really appreciate it and it is very impactful to us.”

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Future forecasting for luxury, premium & elevated fashion brands

Trendstop is working with selected clients from iconic global leaders to independent premium brands, helping them meet and exceed the expectations of today’s demanding consumers. We help brands identify what premium consumers and early adopters want to see, experience and buy, and deliver the brand values, collections and creative communications to excite them.

Stay ahead of the curve with Trend Forecasts from Trendstop

Staying ahead of the curve in the dynamic world of luxury, premium, and elevated fashion demands expert trend forecasting. That’s where Trendstop steps in, empowering brands of all sizes – from global powerhouses to nimble independents – to thrive in this ever-changing landscape. We go beyond simply meeting expectations; we exceed them. We delve deep into the desires, aspirations, and evolving tastes of affluent consumers and trendsetters. By deciphering their motivations and desires, we enable brands to proactively anticipate their needs and desires.

Bespoke Trend Consultancy

In addition to its comprehensive trend analysis and strategic consulting services, Trendstop offers bespoke trend forecasting tailored to the specific needs and objectives of individual brands. Recognizing that each brand has its unique identity, target audience, and market positioning, Trendstop collaborates closely with clients to develop custom-tailored trend forecasts that align seamlessly with their brand ethos and business objectives.

Trend Subscription Packages

Moreover, for brands seeking ongoing access to trend intelligence and market insights, Trendstop offers subscription services that provide continuous access to its wealth of trend data, analysis, and reports. These subscription packages are designed to cater to brands of all sizes and budgets, offering flexible access to Trendstop’s proprietary trend forecasting platform and curated content libraries. By subscribing to Trendstop’s services, brands gain access to a treasure trove of trend information, including trend reports, mood boards, runway analysis, and consumer insights, among others. This wealth of resources enables brands to stay informed about the latest developments in the industry, track emerging trends in real-time, and gain inspiration for their own creative endeavors.

Whether through bespoke trend forecasting or subscription services, Trendstop remains committed to empowering brands with the insights, tools, and guidance needed to navigate the ever-changing landscape of fashion and stay ahead of the curve. With its unparalleled expertise and dedication to innovation, Trendstop continues to be a trusted partner for brands seeking to excel in the competitive world of luxury, premium, and elevated fashion.

Why Choose Trendstop for Your Brand

Our core strength lies in identifying emerging trends, both in aesthetics and consumer behavior. Through a potent blend of data analytics, consumer insights, and industry expertise, we provide invaluable guidance on what premium consumers crave, from the next big color palette to evolving lifestyle preferences. But we don’t stop at identification; we help brands translate insights into tangible actions. From informing product development and marketing strategies to shaping creative communication, we ensure trend-driven insights seamlessly integrate into every aspect of their operations. This holistic approach fosters deeper brand connections and unwavering customer loyalty.

In an era where authenticity, sustainability, and inclusivity reign supreme, we help brands navigate the evolving landscape of brand values. We keep them abreast of shifting cultural norms and societal expectations, empowering them to align their messaging and actions with values that resonate with their target demographic. Whether it’s championing sustainability or advocating for social causes, we assist brands in authentically embodying these principles and forging meaningful connections with like-minded consumers.

As the fashion industry embraces digital transformation, we equip brands with the tools and insights to thrive online. From harnessing the power of social media and influencer marketing to embracing immersive technologies like augmented reality, we help brands leverage digital channels to engage with consumers in innovative and impactful ways. Trendstop serves as a trusted partner for luxury, premium, and elevated fashion brands. We guide them through the complexities of the ever-evolving consumer landscape, providing actionable insights, strategic guidance, and creative inspiration. We empower brands to stay ahead of the curve, exceed consumer expectations, and drive sustainable growth in an increasingly competitive market.