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Discover the most compelling desires of future consumers, applying foresight to deliver tailored products, communications, and experiences that resonate with your target audience and mitigate risk.

With our dynamic trend forecasting platform, live innovation events, and bespoke consultancy, we empower you to take the correct action based on a precise understanding of tomorrow’s global trends and consumer mindsets.

Where Insight Meets Targeted Implementation

We support strategic product and marketing decisions by telling you exactly what Gen Z or your own target audience expects from your brand 2 years in advance. This ready-made and targeted insight saves days or weeks that would have been spent on researching and digesting data. Our practical solutions allow you to quickly implement plans that drive brand loyalty and profits.

Empowering You to Align with Future Consumer Expectations

We paint a holistic picture of targeted future consumer mindsets, helping you deliver products that sell, communications that resonate, and experiences that engage. Our practical application support and elevated style aesthetic allows you to turn consumer and market trends into genuine consumer engagement quickly.

Conscious Innovation

We holistically combine cutting-edge consumer mindset, elevated style and comprehensive sustainability insights, empowering you to effortlessly and genuinely excite consumers and incorporate initiatives that are better for people and the planet – without wokewashing or greenwashing.

About our services

With immediately actionable insight, we confirm the future mindsets of Gen Z or your target audience, and identify trend directions to alleviate the risks of investing in misaligned branding, products, or marketing. To learn how, browse our innovation platform, engage with our experts, or attend our bi-monthly events.

Trend Platform Membership

With future trend insight, forecasting tools, and seasonal direction, you can build plans that accelerate your brand’s momentum by capitalizing on innovative trends and elevated trend application case studies.

“We love the logic and thought process behind Trendstop trends. The Trend Platform is so user friendly, and beautifully laid out. Seeing the possibilities on the page eases our work so much.”

Hugo Boss

Tailored Consulting

Connect with our team of experts in person for time-saving insight that you can put into motion immediately. We cut straight to the point, providing specific guidance personalized to your brand, collection, communications, or experience. In turn, we help you maximize your brand’s unique value.

“We love the logic and thought process behind Trendstop trends. The Trend Platform is so user friendly, and beautifully laid out. Seeing the possibilities on the page eases our work so much.”

Sonae Group

Live Innovation Events

Perfect for leaders and decision-makers with limited time, our 30-minute live online events distill “big ideas” into tangible takeaways, leveraging key insight and case studies to heighten your awareness of tomorrow’s consumer trends for retail, products, and brand experience.

“Your insights are immediately actionable. I can brief my marketing team directly from a live session.”

Ada Deferrari | CEO, Ada Collection

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Future Consumer Shopping Habits

Discover how COVID has changed consumer thinking. And learn how these shifts will impact your business.

Footwear & Accessories Trend Insights

Get inspired by upcoming footwear themes, materials, and styles. And map out your own next steps in a free Trend Discovery Session.

Future of Fashion
(Event Recording)

The 2020s consumer is ditching fast fashion and thinking more consciously about what they buy. Learn what it means for creatives like you.

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Results that speak for themselves

Below are some of the success rates we have been able to achieve for brands and retailers whose offer was not optimized for their target audience’s future expectations.

Fast Fashion Retailers


YOY Growth

Global Brands


Product Line Sales Growth

Independent Labels


Annual Sales Increase

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