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We’re the fashion and lifestyle innovation and trend forecasting agency that goes beyond telling you what’s coming.

At Trendstop, we identify consumer trends at their very source. Then, we track their evolution from innovator through to early adopter and mainstream markets.

So you can pinpoint tomorrow’s most profitable opportunities way ahead of your competitors. And – with holistic, practical support from us – deliver exactly what your consumer wants, when they want it.

Get ahead of key future trends

And the long-term consumer mindset and behavioral shifts driving them.

Cut straight to what you need

Save hours of research and design time, with trend directions carefully curated for you.

Inspire and inform your next product idea

Bring ideas to life quickly, using our mood boards and design resources.

Act on trends with total confidence

Our forecasts aren’t based on hearsay. They’re informed and validated by the earliest trend adopter and innovator data.

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Easily plan fashion and lifestyle collections that will sell, with access to our curated online trend forecasts and design tools.

Brand & Product

Elevate your brand positioning, target audience approach, or product range. Get hands-on support tailored to your needs and informed by future trends.

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Join our community of designers, buyers and creatives, working to create better fashion and drive sustainable change.

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Enjoy just a small taste of our expertise, with these free trend reports.

Future Consumer Shopping Habits

Discover how COVID has changed consumer thinking. And learn how these shifts will impact your business.

Footwear & Accessories Trend Insights

Get inspired by upcoming footwear themes, materials, and styles. And map out your own next steps in a free Trend Discovery Session.

Future of Fashion
(Event Recording)

The 2020s consumer is ditching fast fashion and thinking more consciously about what they buy. Learn what it means for creatives like you.

Trusted by leading brands

Since 2002, over 1,000 fashion and lifestyle brands have relied on our trend expertise, from independent labels to global leaders.

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