In a series of live online sessions over the past two months, we have been sharing insights on the post-coronavirus consumer; what market changes we’re expecting, how product demands are evolving before our eyes, and the steps that forward-thinking brands are taking now to survive and thrive in a downturn.

Here we share one of our most popular consumer insights: The Unprofitable Collection.

This is based on the premise that around 25% of products in any given range, produce 75% of the profits – a startling figure, but one we’ve seen repeatedly in some 18 years of business. This means that a brand could comfortably do away with 75% of their collection without impacting sales as well as saving time, resources, and money.

Have a look at our explanation in the short video below, which also includes an overview of where that unprofitable 75% comes from.



Join us on Tuesday 19th May at 10.00am EST / 3.00pm BST / 4.00pm CET as we host the fourth in our series of online sessions about the post-coronavirus landscape. Plus, we’ll be hosting a live Q&A with Trendstop founder, Jaana, so you can have your most pressing questions answered.


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