As fashion processes begin to slow and fast fashion becomes less and less desirable to consumers; the path to more considered design becomes ever clearer.

More time spent honing original designs and carefully planning a range will eventually prove more meaningful, more profitable, and less wasteful.

Considered consumer decisions

In this era of fast fashion and fake trends, designers need the tools to filter through the clutter and focus their research in the right areas.

With the rise of social media there is so much material out there. However, these sources fail to validate where the trend or idea comes from and indeed why its relevant and if even relevant for future development.

A re-adoption of the vintage era mindset is needed as fashion-conscious consumers are now beginning to reuse beloved items in their wardrobes.

Consumers are increasingly seeking out more intelligent design as new, impulse purchases become less appealing.

Balancing the bases of design with the creative and commercial is good preparation for appealing to the discerning post-pandemic consumer.

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